Lake Havasu City – Lake and Community Resorts are stepping up the pace

The word that reads, "Go west, young man, go west" should be changed to advise on going far west in Arizona to Lake Havasu City. This area is deservedly known as Arizona's seaside resort. The majestic Colorado River, at this time in its 1400 mile journey, has been subdued to form Lake Havasu with an expansive 25,000 acres. The rapidly expanding Havasu city includes a mainland section plus a man-made island, formed by dredging a stagnant stream and transforming it into an integral part of the lake / river.

We first visited Lake Havasu City in 1999, and to our acquaintance were not overly impressed. Maybe we didn't look harsh. But in 2008, through guided tours and other ways, we saw firsthand what a thriving little metropolis it is.

Lake Havasu City was founded in 1962, as the work of industry and visionary Robert McCulloch (1911-77). The lake itself dates back to the late 1930's when Parker Dam served to control the Colorado River in these parts.

A unique talking point about the city is that it has a bridge brought to the United States, lock stock and stone, from London in 1968-71. When the London authorities decided to auction their sinking London Bridge, McCulloch got the idea to bid on it and revive the original rocks over Lake Havasu. This project cost him about $ 7 million, most of which consisted of stone transport.

Of course, it seemed unique to walk across the reconstructed London Bridge in Arizona. On the city side, under the bridge, there is a waterfront area known as the English Village with the London Bridge Hotel. We enjoyed going and window shopping.

As you might expect, the city's biggest source of revenue is tourism. But with 8 boat manufacturers having a presence nearby, the area is known for its range of boats and boat races as well as annual regattas to showcase their latest products. It rightly owns the Personal Watercraft Capital of the World, and has hosted the annual International Jet Sports Boat Association (IJSBA) World Finals since 1982. From our hotel room balcony, we enjoyed witnessing many of the various watercraft.

There is also fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and boating. The nice thing is to be able to rent all the equipment you need on an hour, half day or full day. This area is becoming a chosen destination in the Southwest area for water sports.

Country lovers don't have to get bored. There is plenty to do within a significant amount of public coastline, all within city limits. This area includes London Bridge Beach, Rotary Park Beach and Windsor Beach. In addition to miles of public shoreline and beaches, Lake Havasu State Park also has camping and 138 boat pitches. We managed to get training just walking through the parks.

Golfers are not left out as Lake Havasu City has five distinctly different golf courses. They cater to golfers at all different levels of expertise. In addition, they have several courses in the planning phase. Since we are not golfers, we cannot provide first hand experience.

One aspect of the region that impressed us is the commitment of the people and the city to keep activities going all year long for a lively desirable area. Voluntary organizations construct the local parks and keep them up to date with improvements.

During our February visit, we arrived at the winter festival. We saw about 250 booths and 35-50K attendees for a craft, food and related demo along a closed off on Main Street. It was years since we participated in a craft award. As we walked up and down Main, we found that local vendors added a huge color and history to our outing.

In line with this, Winterblast, an annual convention for pyrotechnic manufacturers, was scheduled about a week later. Annually, it gives a view of the latest advances in their field. It culminates with a large, free fireworks display. Winter blast is something everyone looks forward to seeing, Saturday after President's Day. This event was described by several with such enthusiasm we will try to attend next year.

After the festival, we checked into Arizona's only beachfront resort, The Nautical Inn Its 139 rooms with lake and lake views provide a relaxing atmosphere.

That night we drove a mile to the Island Mall & Brewery and enjoyed an excellent dinner at Shugrue Restaurant & Bar We enjoyed human-sized portions of halibut and pork chops, creamed baby spinach and stuffed baked potato, topped with bananas that care for two. Our young servant, son of the chef, talked us into the latter two choices. By checking if we were happy with these innovative new dishes, he did not realize that for us they brought back the memories of the 60's and 70's.

We were lucky the next morning to have Jared Lyman of the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) give us a tour of the city and surrounding areas. The many parks in the city are easily accessible and well-kept. Jared took us out of town to visit one that Chamber members are expanding and improving. When listening to him describe how long it took his team to install stone gate posts and throw some of the trails made us appreciate going.

We were surprised to hear that according to Dr. Michael Rourke, Life Sciences faculty member at Mohave Community College, "There are over 300 species of (water) birds that either make Lake Havasu their home or use it as a stop in their migratory route." Most arrive late September and travel In the spring, some great places to see include Mesquite Bay, South Dike Road, Bill Williams Refuge, Parker Dam and Aha Khav Preserve, and we were amazed at the number of species we observed.

After a morning of walking, during lunch at Javelina & Mexican Restaurant, we found that their fajitas were an unusual choice.

We were on our own after lunch and decided on a memorable boat trip around the lake in Dixie Belle. Sailing from the English village dock next to London Bridge, the narrated tour was unique. We have seen all the many lighthouses around the lake.

The closest you can come to experiencing what it was like to be on a steamboat on the Colorado River is with a replicated one (powered by dual-engine off-combustion engines instead of being powered by cottonwood, as they were between 1852 and 1909). At that time, the Colorado River could be sailed nonstop with a mud, barge or paddle wheel.

Dixie Belle, a 68-ton vessel, is 51+ feet long and carries 122 passengers. One of the current captains, Gregg Smith, says Dixie Belle is repeating an old Southern horse wheel. Captain Smith has been piloting this ship since 2005. Taking this trip makes it easy to go back in time.

When dinner came around, we were still happy from lunch. So we chose dessert at Cold Stone. Returning to our room, we enjoyed seeing the lights over the lake.

The next morning we would try breakfast at Makai Cafe. Located under Shugrue, Makai was one of our favorite places. There were many more locals than tourists and it was easy to understand why. We tried the highly acclaimed eggs Benedict and French Toast. Our breakfast was favorable, hot, with good customer service and good coffee. We found it quite soothing while looking out at the lake with a great view of London Bridge.

After breakfast, we drove into town for a tour of the Lake Havasu City Historical Museum. Although quite small, it is well worth the time to spend an hour visiting.

We chose a smoothie lunch downtown. We then returned to The Nautical Inn to meet Robert P. Keller on an afternoon tour focusing on lighthouses. In addition to the London Bridge, Lake Havasu now has 14 lighthouses, modeled on a smaller scale for working lighthouses on both the Great Lakes and the East Coast. They act as navigation markers for those on the lake and attract tourists. Bob is a Lake Havasu City historian and character gene actor who brings life to life. He did a combination tour for us, but we were particularly interested in how the idea of ​​the lighthouses came about. What started as his one-man endeavor is now a club and its members are trying to add more lighthouses a year. His RV garage is the club's workshop for this ongoing club project.

That night we were touring and chose to spend time visiting friends from Chicago. We picked them up and went to Angelina. This small intimate Italian restaurant is reasonably priced with well-prepared dishes. It was a lovely finish to a wonderful 3 night get-a-way.

Lake Havasu City promotes many annual events, including the Havasu Classic in April, when classic cars roll into the city. October has Relics and Rods Run to the Sun with more than 1000 cars from 1972 and older. October also hosts London Bridge Days, which is a two week party. November brings Chillin N & # 39; Swilling Brewfest. In December, the waterfront is decorated with more than a million Christmas lights. Along with the Festival of Lights, a Holiday Boat Parade is part of the festivities.

Best family beach trips in Anguilla

If this is your first visit to Anguilla, you are definitely surprised at the level of hospitality the small island with a population of only 12,000 people will offer you. The number of Anguillions is undoubtedly small, but their hearts are big and smile inviting. The island is popular for its tranquility and has every natural ingredient that makes you feel how beautiful life is when in nature's lap.

Anguilla is known for its beaches. The 35 km coastline has over 33 beaches, many of which are among the best in the Caribbean. The beauty of the soft white sand that slopes calmly into the shallow blue water is breathtaking. What is special about the island is that it has beaches of a wide range to suit individual preferences. There are beaches that are quiet and secluded, some others are busier, some are ideal for a romantic walk, and some are coves specially designed for snorkelling, scuba diving and pursuing romantic picnics. All of these beaches are quiet and spectacular with cleanliness all around. The most spectacular sight is saltwater ponds that protect snow-covered egg whites and large blue herons.

The standards of accommodation in Anguilla are very high, as is the famous gourmet kitchen & # 39; s quality. There are plenty of hotels on the island that specialize in offering a luxurious stay. You also have a number of options for budget stays to choose from.

Here are some resorts we recommend for family holidays in Anguilla:

Malliouhana Hotel & Spa
Arawak Beach Inn
La Sirena Hotel
Carimar Beach Club
Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas
Shoal Bay Villas

If you are traveling with younger children, you can primarily focus on hotels that offer an organized children's program or childcare. Or, if you are vacationing in Anguilla with older children, you may want to pay special attention to hotels that offer a games room or arcade and also offer outdoor activities such as a swimming pool, water sports and tennis. Whatever amenities are important to your family, Anguilla has a resort that is perfect for your family vacation on the beach.

Interestingly, no visitor can get lost on the island as there is only one main road, also called the main road. This road branches beautifully into bays and beaches that nature lovers, swimmers, divers and sun worshipers are enamored with and will never want to leave.

Teaching English in Mexico: Hermosillo, Sonora

About Hermosillo: The majestic "City of the Sun"

Hermosillo is the capital of the state of Sonora located 2037 km from Mexico City via federal highways 57, 45, 110, 90 and 15 of Mexico. Hermosillo is also known as the city of the oranges because of the abundance of oranges in its area. Called the majestic "City of the Sun", it is a sister city to Phoenix, Arizona. It has a population of close to a million inhabitants and is highly bilingual, with English being highly promoted and widely used – especially in tourism-related businesses.

Among the major attractions that you can visit in Hermosillo are: The Government Palace, which has interesting murals, Zaragoza Square and its Moorish Kiosk, La Asuncion Cathedral, Del Carmen and Espiritu Santo Chapels, the modern building of the Autonomous University of Sonora , where the State Museum is located. There are also: Madero Park, Culture House, Tres Pueblos Square and Batuc Church. Near La Campana Hill (Bell Hill) there is a view from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Another attraction is the Abelardo L. Rodriguez Dam, an ideal place for fishing. Hermosillo has several hotels and restaurants where the tourist can taste the famous regional cuisine. The biggest celebration in Hermosillo is the Vendimia party, which is celebrated on 21-26. June with a parade of floats and an industry show.

How about teaching English in Sonora?

Instituto Soria High School

Hermosillo, Sonora

Contact Person: Selma Guerra, Language Program Coordinator


The program is constantly improving, monitored by educational researchers working within our Soria Education Group. Our language program includes English and French. Currently, there are about 600 students. The campus is located in the city center close to the commercial and economic area of ​​the city. Our teachers work 40 hours a week, 20 teaching hours and 20 hours organizing and compiling material, lesson plans, attending workshops and other activities related to the area. Our groups range from 10 to 25 students. Teaching at the Instituto Soria is a great opportunity for teachers: The school was founded in 1918 and is approximately three hours from the US border. You have access to the Pacific Ocean, which is about an hour away from the city. The climate is very hot so we ask our prospects to have been in hot weather before applying. The requirements for this full-time position are: Mother tongue, English, a bachelor's degree in related field (this is compulsory), some teaching experience, minimum 26 years of age; You must be willing to work as part of a team, be sociable, dynamic and flexible with an excellent personal appearance. Some Spanish speaking skills are also desired.

Universidad del Noroeste

Hermosillo, Sonora

Contact person: Carmen Garcia, Coordinator of the Language Department


The university seeks 3 full-time EFL teachers with experience working with groups of up to 20 students. Requirements include a Masters Degree in Related Field (MANDATORY), ability to speak Spanish at a basic or intermediate level. You must work well with others and enjoy teamwork, be patient and able to handle multiple tasks at once. A willingness to learn and participate in a different culture and a good sense of humor are also required. Your job responsibilities will include a work schedule that varies from 7 to 18 with 40 hours per week. (20 hours of teaching and 20 hours of administrative tasks). You teach up to 3 classes daily, offer instruction, perform class planning and administrative tasks in addition to attending meetings, seminars, and occasionally conducting training and workshops.

The university is located in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora. It is a border state, which means that it differs significantly from the tourist-oriented parts of Mexico. It's certainly Mexico, but the US's influence is visible. Life here is often dictated by the climate that is over 110 F in the summer months, which is a good time to spend a weekend in nearby Kino Bay or San Carlos. The students here are very interested in learning English and have ample opportunity to practice as there is a close relationship with Arizona. However, English is not their first priority as they are in vocational education at UNO. The University fully supports the learning of English and emphasizes its importance for the various programs.

Instituto Mexicano Americano de Relaciones Culturales

Blvd. Navarrete y Monteverde

Hermosillo, Sonora

Phone: 0781 214 – 526

Contact: Patricia Arias

Most of the English programs here are for teen students. For their latest requirements, general information, salaries and positions or to submit an application, call or write directly to the school. They are primarily interested in teachers with experience and teacher certification. Teachers with experience and knowledge in other subjects and themes are also welcome to apply.

Ingles individually

Calle Morelos (near the corner with Miguel Aleman Centro)

Obregon, Sonora 85000

Phone: 413 – 6793, 413 – 2862

Fax: 413 – 8089



Contact: Rosy Espinoza, administrator

A school with offices throughout Mexico that specializes in small classes. They have extensive audiovisual facilities, including their own closed television network. There are talk club classes and video sessions sponsored as a normal part of student learning activities. They want certified, experienced teachers, but want to consider enthusiastic, ongoing applicants who have a strong desire to enter the English field. Further contact information for their many locations can be found online at their website address listed above.

Karnataka – Temples, adventures and more

Karnataka is a state blessed with natural forest reserves, world heritage sites, cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches. The state of Karnataka has five regions, namely the Cauvery Basin of southern Karnataka, Central Karnataka, Karavali – Karnataka & # 39; s coastal region, northern Karnataka and northwest Karnataka. The state capital is Bengaluru.

Karnataka Tourism – The Must See Places in the State

Below are some of the most significant centers of Karnataka Tourism. These places are recommended and will be available in most Karnataka tour packages.

Hampi: The town of Hampi is located in the Bellary district of Karnataka. It is known as the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire. The city's most prominent sight to visit is the 29-foot Narasimha. Narasimha was cast out of a single stone and is believed to have been installed by Krishnadevaraya.

Three Star Hotel in Hampi – If you are visiting Hampi with your family, you can stay at a deluxe hotel. Hotel Krishna Palace in Hospet is a luxurious three star hotel. The hotel is centrally air-conditioned and has amenities such as: free breakfast and morning newspaper, LCD TV in each wired room, 24-hour room service and direct dial in addition to other amenities.

Gokarna: Gokarna has become one of the most popular cities along the Konkan coast.

Three Star Hotel in Gokarna – Om Beach Resort is a three star hotel located on Om Beach Road. The hotel is a nine mile drive from National Highway 17. It offers, 12 well-appointed, furnished rooms with cable TV, a safe and an attached bathroom. The hotel also has its own on-site bar.

Bijapur: Bijapur has great historical significance as most monuments were built here under the rule of Adil Shah. Bijapur, which lives with historical sights such as Gol Gumbaz and Asar Mahal, is a prominent tourist destination in Karnataka.

Three Star Hotel in Bijapur – The Hotel Shashinag Residency in Bijapur is a three star hotel located four kilometers from Gol Gumbaz. The hotel has 20 deluxe rooms, a gym, a shopping mall, a swimming pool and many other top-of-the-line facilities.

Bellary : Bellary is a famous historic city in Karnataka. It is the center of the historic Ashhocks in places like Kupghal and Budhihal.

Three Star Hotel in Bellary – Hotel Pola Paradise is a three star bed and breakfast in Bellary. It is located at New Trunk Road. It offers luxurious AC and non AC suites and rooms. Facilities include: Free parking, room service, swimming pool and an in-house restaurant.

Karnataka also has a number of interesting adventure activities along the coast. These include snorkelling and scuba diving near the pigeon islands near Murudeshwar.

Visit Seaside Resort Town Littlehampton

The seaside town of Littlehampton is located in West Sussex. It is located along the banks of the river Arun. Thanks to an incredibly popular architectural gift from Heatherwick Studio, the city of Littlehampton has been getting a lot of talk lately. People flock to see this gem, the East Beach Cafe. There was much uproar over such a modern building being erected in the Littlehampton area, but despite public opinion, the building still remains.

Many TV shows have been based on the area as well as filmed in the area. There have been many BBC actors who have come from and lived in Littlehampton over the years. It should be noted that the Littlehampton Bonfire Society takes on their bonfire and fireworks show every year. This is a must to see if you are in town.

The city of Littlehampton is one of artistic realizations and performances. There is a musical group that lives in the city and can be seen out and about with their families regularly. The city promotes artistic endeavors in stage performances, operatic performances, and musical endeavors from classical to rock and roll.

Writers and painters, musicians, and actors all flock to the area each year to enjoy a slice of local flavor. There is an annual music festival in Littlehampton for charity. Children will enjoy watching the Littlehampton Miniature Railway and playing a variety of sports in Norfolk Gardens.

Something always happens in Littlehampton. If you are a sports fan, you can enjoy events and performances from the local Rugby Club, Littlehampton Arunners Running Club, hockey club and swim club. If you are in the mood to attend, all you need to ask is. There are plenty of facilities available for you to rent equipment and participate in the activities.

When you take your family to Littlehampton, you can rest assured that everyone will find something exciting to do.

Lots to offer outdoor enthusiasts and whiskey buffets in Moray

Moray on Scotland's east coast has plenty to offer if you want to get off the beaten path on your holiday north of the border.

The region is packed with historical sights, world-class golf courses, outdoor attractions and of course its famous whiskey.

In fact, whiskey is a big business in this area, with Moray & # 39; s distilleries accounting for about half of Scotland's total spirit production. More than 50 distilleries can be found here – some of which produce malt for well-known global brands Johnnie Walker and The Famous Grouse.

The Malt Whiskey Trail can be a perfect adventure for you if you are a fan of the drink or if you are just curious to learn more about its production and history. A marked route takes you to some of the best working distilleries in the region, including the historic Dallas Dhu plant, which is preserved in its original 19th-century state. Here – and at other distilleries – you have a chance to see firsthand how the drink is produced and you may be lucky enough to try a sample or two.

Moray is also the setting for Shakespeare & # 39; s well-respected tragic game Macbeth, and the area's history is sure to impress. Why not take a walk through some of the region's castle ruins – many of which lie in scenic, rolling hills – or visit the more modern Brodie Castle? The 16th-century building, which was a residential area until 2003, is packed with centuries-old artwork and you can pop into its shop and tea room during your stay at a nearby hotel on the east coast of Scotland.

Nature lovers also find plenty to impress them in Moray. Those staying at a hotel in the Scottish Highlands are spoiled for choice when it comes to high quality golf courses and places to go hiking and walking. Several adventurous types may even want to try camping or caravans.

Bottle dolphins can be discovered on the coast, and you can get up close and personal with them if you take a boat trip. And if scuba diving is your favorite outdoor pursuit, there's plenty of fun to be had on the east coast of Scotland.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, Moray is sure to please.

Edmonton events, sports and shows

Edmonton is referred to as Canada's Festival City because of its amazing array of shows, festivals and events. There is always a magnificent show, either at the theater, art galleries or the stadium. No wonder millions of visitors flock here every year. If you've been trying to find the best hotels in town, the Northlands Park Edmonton area should have caught your attention.

Although the stadium may be popular for horse racing, there are many other great attractions that will keep you busy during your stay. Here are some of the highlights that should be in your itinerary:

  • Winespear Center: The architectural elegance of the theater can only be matched by the amazing sound during shows. The celebration of art and music here creates a truly amazing atmosphere and you will be amazed by the talent displayed, especially during symphonies. From greats like the Glenn Miller Orchestra to Chantal Kreviazu, you always have a chance to catch maestros in music.
  • West Edmonton Mall: WEM has to be the biggest attraction in the area and for many good reasons. The large size of the mall will dazzle you and the activities inside are amazing. From entertainment to water parks, you will have an amazing family time shopping from the world's biggest brands. This is the largest mall in North America and has good hotels and pubs.
  • Telus World of Science: The exhibits here are amazing and it is a perfect destination for families, especially at the Sherlock Holmes exhibit and the IMAX theater. It is a great alternative both to entertainment and as a learning experience.
  • World Water Park: This is a fun place for all ages with different water activities available. It is one of WEM & # 39; s highlights and you can spend a relaxing day at the facility without missing out on something to enjoy.
  • Whyte Avenue: This is yet another highlight for any visitor. The street brings you back to history and there are countless festivals and shows that always happen. There are cool restaurants and bars, art galleries, fun shows and more. Surprisingly, it is located near the best hotels in Edmonton Alberta.
  • Fort Edmonton Park: This is a tribute to the city's history and you will learn a lot. It is a gem in the river valley and shows the lifestyle dating back 200 years. The train ride and old homes and shops give this the feel of old life. You will enjoy four eras of history and come out with a better understanding of the old city.
  • Muttart Conservatory: As it turns 40, Muttart remains a huge hit with visitors who are prone to nature. It has an ethereal atmosphere well removed from the bustling city life.

Go ahead and choose an attraction to explore today. Whatever you do, be sure to choose a hotel that is conveniently located near these gems.

travel Dictionary

There can sometimes be a lot of lingo / jargon thrown around among travelers. I thought it would be really cool to put all these terms in one place with a simple definition. I certainly would not claim that this is a complete elaboration, but at least it is a good start. These are some of the most common terms that I think can easily be mistaken or misunderstood.

A la carte: This term can often be found on restaurant menus or room service when referring to food. This means that each item is priced separately, as opposed to being part of a meal or pile. So if fries are "a la carte", that means you have to pay for them separately.

affiliate: A business partner within a tourist destination. For example, a hotel may have an affiliated restaurant. The restaurant is owned and operated by the same company as the hotel, but is managed by different people. Many times, if you dine at an affiliated restaurant in the hotel, you may receive some discount or incentive. They both want to benefit from each other, so they like to send their customers to each other.

Back-to-back ticketing: When a traveler combines two return trips, but with opposite starting and destination points. They use a single segment from each to achieve an overall lower cost. For example, the first ticket would be a return flight booked from Chicago to Dallas and the second would be a return flight from Dallas to Chicago. The traveler should spend the first part of the first trip and the first part of the second trip. This is most often done during the week, so you can avoid paying the higher fare for mid-week travel.

Baggage allowance: This is either the weight or size that your airline allows you to carry during your flight. It is usually a very stiff standard, so always make sure you are within the allowable luggage restrictions. If you go over, they sometimes either charge an extra fee or force you to remove some items from your bags.

Blackout periods: Specific days or periods when special rates are not available. This is usually due to high demand periods for flights when carriers know they can charge more money.

bumped: This means that the number of seats the aircraft is actually oversold or under-sold. If you are lucky and the plane was sold, you may be "bumped" up to first class to fill an empty seat that they have. On the other hand, if the aircraft is oversold, there is a chance that you will be "bumped" into the next available flight. One way to avoid this happening to you is to check in for your flight early as they sometimes make the decision based on it.

Cancun information and Cancun tips

Where, what, how, when … Shopping, visas, water, medicine, culture, history, customs, buses, taxis, how to get around and more …

Reasons to go to Cancun
Cancun attracts more visitors than any other region of Mexico. More than three million people visit annually for the amazing climate and facilities.

In the 1960s, the Mexican government saw the potential of mother of all resort regions on the white sandy beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. Now Cancun is synonymous with Spring Break, but it is much more than a party town. The main beach of Cancun is really a barrier island shaped as a number 7. Running down the east side of this magnificent beach are shops, restaurants, malls, clubs and huge Mayan-inspired hotels.

For a quieter holiday, try the Mexican Riviera that extends south of Cancun to more traditional, historical and natural areas such as Isla Mujeres, the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and the island of Cozumel.

Almost all water sports are found in Cancun – parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Or do like Ernest Hemingway and go fishing in the outer Caribbean for sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, grouper and blue fin tuna.
The average temperature in Cancun is 80 ° F with more than 240 sunny days. Rain is rare, with the end of August to November being the rainy season.

Cancun peak season:

The best time to take a flight to Cancun is between December and April.

Shoulder season:

Late April and May are the good times to get a bargain. Temperatures are in the upper 80's and Cancun is getting humid, but the Caribbean breeze should keep it clear.

Cancun From the season:

Between June and November, the weather in Cancun is warm and humid, while the fall is hurricane season.
Getting around Cancun

In Cancun it is easy to walk and if you do not want to rent a car you can get around the city by taxi. Prices are listed by zone, but be warned that locals pay about half of what tourists pay, and prices for guests at more expensive hotels are roughly double that of guests at budget hotels. Taxis can be rented for $ 20 per hour for travel around the city and the hotel zone.

Bus travel is popular in Cancun. City buses from Ruta 1 and 2 often run from the mainland to the beaches along Avenida Tulum (main street) and all the way to Punta Nizuc at the far end of the Isla Cancun hotel zone. Ruta 8 buses run to Puerto Juarez / Punta Sam for ferries to Isla Mujeres. They stop on the east side of Avenida Tulum. City buses run between 6 and 22 every day. Beware of private buses along the same route; they charge more than the public – about 6 pesos (60 ¢). An alternative is to rent a moped from approx. $ 30 for a day. Don't forget your crash helmet.

US dollars accepted throughout Cancun's main hotel zone, but exchange rates vary widely. Moving on into Mexico makes it more difficult to spend dollars. Exchange your currency with local bids and pay for everything in pesos.

In Cancun, you will find many well-known shops, restaurants and services, and you do not have to be exceptionally concerned about contracting tropical diseases. Outside of Cancun, though, be careful about food and water. Read on to avoid Montezuma & # 39; s revenge .

Be prepared to bargain, but first compare prices. Unless you are sure the item is exclusive to a particular supplier, shop around and find the seller with the best initial offer and then buy.

The biggest event is Carnival , held in February just before the fast. In keeping with Mexico's strong religious tradition, Inmaculada Concepcion will be held at Isla Mujeres in December. For lovers of physical training, Cancun's International Marathon takes place just before the Christmas tour.

Here are a few things everyone should know for their next vacation in Cancun.

Taxis in Cancun

Prices in the taxi in the city center vary, but the average fare is 15 pesos, but they will try to charge more tourist (about 20 pesos). Taxis from the center of Cancun to the hotel zone are at least 50 pesos. You can get a taxi anywhere in Cancun, the cost varies depending on the zone, fares to or from the hotel zone are the most expensive, we suggest you first agree the price with the driver. In most of the hotels you can find in the lobby area or at the bell boy counts a sign with the current prices for local taxis. The picture to the right shows the average size of the taxis, all are white and green stripped, it must also have a number. Capacity: up to 4 people without luggage or 3 with luggage. Local taxis are not allowed to transport passengers from the airport, they can only take you there for departure. To get to your hotel from the airport you can use any transport line located at the two terminals, but be aware of the unauthorized people working at the airport, they are often called pirates and you may end up paying much more than the normal rate. We suggest pre-booking your airport transport service, it is more convenient, safe and easy.

Cancun buses cost $ 7 pesos (NO US coins) per person / 1 way. You get a ticket, but it's for their control. There are 4 buses R-1, R-2, R-15 & R 27. If you travel within the hotel zone, it really doesn't matter which bus you take (Wet & # 39; n Wild is the exception. the hotel zone but only half the buses run there, so ask before proceeding). R-2 & R-15 go to Wal-mart & Mercado 28. R-1 you ask! Well, it goes almost everywhere. You have to read the front right window of the bus as it shows where it ends. The R-1 goes to Puerto Juarez, Wal-mart, Plaza 2000, Mercado 23, the bus station and places I've never been. R 27 turns left on Tulum Ave and goes to Plaza Las Americas (the local mall).

Cancun bustips
one) Last man standing doesn't win anything. That means you are flying soon. If you are the last person to pay the driver before he can think about where you want to sit, he will go 78 miles per hour.

b) Telling the bus driver where to get off is a good start, but it won't always work. Most do not speak English well enough to understand you. Have an idea of ​​where to go before moving on. Look for landmarks.

c) They will not stop to release you unless you ask them to. Don't assume they stop at every stop.

d) To mark a bus down you have to wave one of your body parts.

e) The cheapest trip in Cancun, so enjoy it.

f) Go ahead and turn off the back door whenever possible.

g) Do not bring drinks in the bus as they will likely end up with someone else.

f) When you get off, NO ONE is moving for you, so if the bus is packed, put your head down and push.

Exchange of money
All stores, restaurants take US dollars and travel checks. However, it is clear that the exchange will be in their favor. It is best to exchange your money first in either the bank (best options), swap places (casa de cambio) or in the hotel (check to rate as most do not give you a good rate). NO ONE takes American coins, bills that are ripped, written on, taped or glued back together. See Money Exchange Tips
Live music

Salsa: Shrimp Bucket, Batacha, Azucar, Mambo Cafe Rock & # 39; n Roll: Hard Rock Cafe, Carlos & # 39; n Charlie & # 39; s, La Ruina Jazz: Blue Bayou (Fri / Sat), Roots Mariachi: OK Maguey, Perico & # 39; p
Shopping Trip: We recommend you this fantastic Cancun City Tour, the transportation company is very professional and reliable.

Div. Stuff

Do not drink the water, even if the hotel has a purified water system, it tastes great and you really do not know the cleaning and maintenance of the water purification system, often they are not well maintained. Mexican bottled water is 1/3 the price. Avoiding people on the street saying "YO VIVO A KEY" means I live here. Set up taxis before getting in. If you have a problem, take his number of the car and report it to your hotel. Use eco-friendly sunscreen when in national water parks. DON & # 39; Don't let people change your mind about a restaurant. & # 39; Oh, that the restaurant is closed & # 39; or & # 39; My uncle owns a better one. & # 39; My favorite is & # 39; Are you sure you want to eat there? & # 39; Each restaurant pays a commission for porters, taxis, travel agent representatives, bellboys, receptions, maids, malls, iguanas, sharks, monkeys, etc. The commission can be as high as 15% of your bill, and of course this fee is added to the menu price. 97% of restaurants pay. Most people speak & # 39; JOB English & # 39; which means they come by when you ask them questions that they answer daily. Speak slowly and clearly. Don't use unusual words. Don't expect everyone to understand your accent.
Sea temperature year-round is 80F, so jump in! Crossing the street is not a right; it is a challenge. You are NOT entitled to manner, even across a red light. Be defensive. Taxi & bus drivers have no training and believe that the road contains 3 things;
1) Your vehicle, 2) Your garbage & 3) Your right of way. So RUN when crossing the street. Use sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.

If you where 2 hours from the pyramids of Egypt, would you go? If so, go to Chichen-Itza.
The ice cream is safe in drinks. All restaurants wash the vegetables in purified water. Even the taco guy on my corner. Always make change! 5, 10, 20 pesos. Amazing how many stores have not changed and it will be your fault. ATMs, credit card slips are in pesos, so DON & # 39; T PANIC, when you see all those zeros, watch out for hot salsa! It's the next day biting. Well, bite … How to speak better Spanish? Drink more tequila! Best things to do? Get up at 6:30 am and go to the beach. THE BEST! If someone says & # 39; I understand & # 39 ;, they don't. It's that simple.
Tip your maid daily; a money or 2. Exchange your dollars in exchange houses, maybe your hotel or bank. You get a better price than shops and restaurants. ET calls home Call 001 – area code – #. Buy Ladatel calling card (50 cents per minute). Phones are everywhere, and the cards are sold in most stores and money exchange stalls. Do NOT call collect . Minimum tax is $ 40! You will find these phones in 50% of hotel rooms, lobbies and on the street.
For all your travel needs, please stop by and see us!

Don Laughlin private classic car collection and museum

Don Laughlin, owner of Don Laughlin & # 39; s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, NV, has been a car buff for over 78 years. Don Laughlin and four of his friends own these 85 cars on display. He also has several car collectors who also show their cars and they can sell them while they appear.

One of the biggest things is that Don Laughlin is also in the detailing business, detailing his own cars, which compete with the collection of Harrah kids in Reno. Mr. Laughlin & # 39; s collection is just 12 cars shy of Jay Leno's stunning Southern California collection, which is also something to see. These old cars have many different paintings and many are actually original; also in his collection are two deloreans, which are painted, polished stainless.

Don Laughlin was not available to meet with us during our visit, but the casino and collection staff treated us well and allowed us to ask questions about the collection and future purchases of this article. The collection is viewable and free. Small children must be accompanied by an adult. Riverside Casino is the oldest casino in Laughlin and is undergoing a massive renovation with a pedestrian bridge that crosses the street to the RV park and the new five-level parking structure.
Laughlin Classic Cars is a separate company and is also a Nevada-registered licensed dealer-collector-sales company.

We really enjoyed our trip to Laughlin Nevada and while you are there you can spend the day along the river enjoying the many casinos there. Across the river on the Arizona side, there are also Jet Ski rentals, campgrounds, and eateries. Although the kids are out having fun, of course I recommend the car museum.