Holidays in Dubai – guaranteed fun in the sun

Dubai holidays are guaranteed fun in the sun. This city has such an infusion of culture, heritage and modern conveniences that it will appeal to even the most discerning of visitors. Stay in some of the world's best hotels, shop in a variety of shops and malls, or spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches. Below you will find a wealth of information about holidays in Dubai, including the most popular attractions.


There are few cities in the world that boast the number of luxury hotels Dubai has. This city is even home to the world's only seven-star hotel. You can relax in full comfort, experience one of the many fantastic spas and dine at some of the best hotel restaurants in the world. The city center, Bur Dubai, is close to many attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and a large number of the city's hotels. However, accommodation is available to accommodate any budget, and most hotels have many amenities and services that are not found anywhere else.


This cosmopolitan city is still rich in history and heritage. You will find a wide variety of eateries. There are five-star restaurants that highlight the local flavors of the city, but also offer global foods that will certainly delight you. You will also find a number of small restaurants and street vendors pedaling their food every day. You are sure to find one or two restaurants that will be your favorite.


Shopping is almost a national pastime in Dubai. During the first few months of the year, the Dubai Shopping Festival draws visitors from all over the world. Some of the world's most impressive malls are here, such as the Lamcy Plaza, the Al Hana Center and the Bur Jumar Center. You'll also love shopping for bazaars and souks throughout the city. It's definitely a Mecca for those who want to "shop until they drop." Negotiations and some of the fun are expected. Look for great deals on gold jewelery and ethnic rugs throughout the city. There are even entire Dubai vacations that focus solely on shopping!


Gold is one of the main attractions here. Award winning golf courses at Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Al Bada Golf Resort, Yacht Club and Dubai Country Club will ensure a great time. If you are not so much into golf, there are a number of other attractions, including the Jumeira Mosque, Dubai Museum, Wonderland and Wild Wadi. Spend a day touring the Bedouin villages or Heritage Village. Camel racecourses are also popular, as are sand surfing, bird watching, safaris and spending a record number of hours at the beach.

In closing

If Dubai holidays sound like your dream vacation, you are not alone. This city has fantastic weather all year round, but November to March is usually the warmest. When you plan holidays in Dubai, you will book as soon as possible. This city is destined to become the largest tourist destination by 2020. You simply cannot find a destination that offers more than Dubai.

Travel Requirements for Dubai

If you read this article, there are pretty good chances that you are planning a visit to Dubai, a wonderful city located in the UAE. Before you plan your Dubai holidays, you need to know what the travel requirements for Dubai are. In this article we mention some of the things you need to know before your trip.

To enter the United Arab Emirates you need a visa and it should be easy and quick to get it, as Dubai is well prepared to welcome visitors and tourists from all over the world. These visas are obtained in just 72 hours, but there are cases where they can be expedited in less than a day. If you are a US citizen, you can enjoy the benefit of getting a visa for 30 days or less when entering Dubai; If you need a visa for longer visits, you will need one before arriving at the UAE.

If you are planning to live or work in Dubai, you need to know that a complete medical test is required. People suffering from AIDS are not allowed to work or live in Dubai. In fact, you may be deported because of this law.

When you arrive in Dubai, you will find different laws that you should know about. For example, when it comes to taking photographs, be careful. As you may know, there are concerns about terrorism in the area, so avoid taking photographs for government buildings or military buildings. You can be arrested and prosecuted by local authorities if you do not comply with this requirement, as does mapping using GPS devices.

There are also strict laws against alcohol consumption in public places. I know many people want to get drunk by the cities they visit, but in Dubai you can't get an alcoholic drink at restaurants in the city. The only places where you are allowed to drink alcohol are bars in the hotels. Which, well, is very nice because hotels offer incredible bars at night!

PowerPoint Tip – Create a visual menu

I recently gave workshop seminars at a conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Both were creating effective presentations, but one was called PowerPoint 101, for intermediate users, and one was called Advanced PowerPoint, for advanced users.

In the advanced session, I covered using video, Adobe Flash and animation. I also discussed the concept of a visual menu with links to sections in the presentation.

In this case, however, I refined the idea for use as a sales presentation. The conference was intended for Financial & Insurance Conference Planners, and many "hospitality partners" attended – sales representatives for hotels and travel agencies. These people often use PowerPoint to present their businesses & # 39; venues and services.

To show you how this works, I created a fictional hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel, and used it for the presentation. It's a great place to go!

In this example, the representative wants to discuss the following topics with the potential client:

* The beautiful rooms

* The sumptuous dining, for guests and for large groups

* Facilities include pool, sauna and fitness center

* Conference and meeting rooms

* The activities available locally

The first slide has a photo of the hotel, with AutoShapes exclamations pointing to the different areas. Each callout is a hyperlink to the relevant slide in the presentation. (If you had multiple slides on each topic, you would hyperlink to the first slide in this section.)

For example, there would be a slide for the meeting rooms. Hyperlinks to "I like to do business here" to this slide.

Place a "badge" in the upper left corner that is a hyperlink back to the menu. This can be an AutoShape or an image. You place this on each slide so you can easily click on it to return to the menu at any time.

This type of arrangement allows the representative to conduct a client-centered presentation. Some clients are more interested in the meeting rooms; others are more interested in the rooms. So you can move around the presentation according to the potential client's request. It is very considerate of the client's needs and desires. If the client has no preference, the representative can use hyperlinks in any order to run the presentation.

To insert the calls, click AutoShapes in the Drawing toolbar and select Callouts. (In PowerPoint 2007, click the Insert tab and select Shapes.) Then select one of the options. You can then enter text for the call. You can drag the dot, shown with a yellow diamond, anywhere you want.

To add hyperlinks, click on the outer edge of an AutoShape. Then choose Insert> Hyperlink. (In 2007, click Hyperlink on the Insert tab.) In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click the Place button in this document on the left. You can then select the object image you want from the list of slides that appear.

When placing the "badge" on the second slide, add a hyperlink to the first slide. Then copy and paste it into all the other slides. The hyperlink comes with AutoShape or image! If you want, you can place the sign on the slide master.

– This article in its original form may have included images and / or other media.

Grand Canyon bus trips can add an exciting twist to your Vegas vacation

An excursion to the Grand Canyon is an exciting twist on any Las Vegas vacation, and bus trips give you a great way to experience this glorious region. More than five million people are drawn to the National Park annually and many of them do not like flying or have a limited budget. Fortunately, these travelers can take one of the many bus trips available.

The fabulous Vegas Strip is the starting point for most Grand Canyon bus trips. They typically offer free pick-up and drop-off for passengers staying at Vegas Strip hotels. This is a great perk, because traffic can get ugly in Vegas and letting someone else drive can prevent a lot of stress. Don't worry if your hotel is not on the strip – you can always take a cab to the designated pickup location.

You & # 39; You'll see some amazing sights during your Grand Canyon road trip. The closest border to Las Vegas is the West Rim, about 120 miles away. There you have wonderful views of the Colorado River, Eagle Point and Guano Point, among other highlights. The Grand Canyon Skywalk ("Glass Bridge") is also on the west edge, allowing canyon visitors to walk 70 feet beyond the edge. To experience this unique thrill, add a Skywalk pass to your tour package. You save money by including your passport in your trip rather than buying it when you arrive at the park.

Grand Canyon buses can also take you to the South Rim, more than 275 miles from Vegas. The drive takes 5 ½ hours each way, but it is well spent. You will see the same views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead as you see on a West Rim tour, but then drive on to the Kaibab Plateau in Northern Arizona. When you get to the park, you will see the Grand Canyon Village (the location of the El Tovar Hotel and Bright Angel Lodge) along with several key listings such as Mather Point.

Personally, I think one of the best things about Grand Canyon bus trips is that they & # 39; are all inclusive – they include everything you need to truly enjoy the experience. In addition to Strip pickup and drop off, as I mentioned earlier, your bus trip includes lunch. If you prefer to eat at one of the West or South Rim restaurants or snack bars, the prices are reasonable.

Your trip will last all day no matter what rims you visit. The drive from Las Vegas to the West Rim takes 2 ½ hours. The drive to the south is 5 ½ hours, and you did not win back to the Strip until 10 p.m. 21:00. Don & # 39; Don't make reservations for dinner or evening for that evening. You & # 39; You'll be too tired to do much, even if you come back in time. Believe me – you will sleep like a rock after this trip!

Grand Canyon buses give you a great way to see the gap with your friends and family. Choppers can only seat 6 and fly 19, but you probably haven't won everyone on the plane. Grand Canyon buses are different – they can handle large groups of people traveling together. They are also comfortable. These are luxury motorhomes with reclining seats, personal climate control, plasma TV, food trays and a built-in toilet. If that sounds good, I'll see you on the drive from Vegas to the canyon, because bus trips are the way to go!

Global tipping etiquette

Every traveler needs to learn Global Tipping Etiquette. This can be difficult as it varies from country to country. In some places it is not really necessary, but it is much appreciated, while in most countries it is expected.

Keep in mind that incorrect tip etiquette can potentially ruin your journey as it can give you unpleasant experiences.

Here's a guide to help you decide how much tips to give:

By geography:

Asia and the Pacific

Tipping guidelines in this region can be very complicated. In most Asian countries, tilting is optional, but it is very welcome. However, there is a "No Tipping" rule in Japan.

In most places, giving a tip really helps you get a faster and better service.

Central and South America

Most of the time, restaurants and hotels are already adding a service charge to the bill. As a result, tips are no longer needed unless you want to compensate the staff for the excellent service you have received. Be sure to check your bill to see if a service charge was already included before adding a further tip.

north America

In America, tilting is automatic, as people expect it all the time. Proper tipping labels require that customers in restaurants provide 15% -20% of the total bill (before tax).


More often than not, hotels and restaurants in Europe already include a service charge. Tilting is thus not an obligation. For some places where there is no service charge, a 10% tip is considered adequate.

Middle East and Africa

Tips are not that important and you can follow your gut feeling. If you feel that the person deserves to be further compensated, give it in every way.

Here are the most common tilting practices per day. Category:

Hotels – Tips for hotel staff vary.

Before checking in, ask if gratuity is already included in the room rate. If no tip is included, use this as a guide:

Bellman / Doorman- $ 1- $ 2 per bag.

Valet parking attendant – $ 1- $ 3 for car return

Housekeeper- $ 2- $ 5 per Night. It is advisable to leave the tip daily instead of at the end of your stay because different people may be assigned to clean your room, depending on the staff schedule. If you decide to tip the housekeeper at the end of your stay, just make sure to leave a note for them, otherwise they may not get it.

Room Service – For extra requests, such as extra towels, pillows, blankets, etc., you can give $ 2 or $ 3. For food service, gratuity is usually included in the bill. If not, you can give 15% -20%.

Concierge – For general advice, tips are not really expected but appreciated. You can give $ 5- $ 20 for your entire stay, depending on how helpful the person was.

Spa and salon services – 10% -20%.

Tour guides – 10% -20%.


Airport transporters – $ 1- $ 3 per night Bag.

Porters – $ 1- $ 3 per Bag.

Wheelchair pushes- $ 2- $ 5 per Person

Taxi drivers – 10% -20%, minimum $ 5.


Check your bill if gratuity is included or not. If already included, no additional tip is required unless the service was exceptional. If the tip is not added to the bill, 15% -20% is usually good.

Bartenders – $ 1- $ 2 per Drink

Note that these are only guidelines and suggestions and that there are no strict rules for tilting. It is certainly at your discretion, but it is always safe to follow common practice. When in doubt, you can always ask, and most of the time they are more than happy to tell you.

Solo travel destinations, American Southwest, from relaxing spas to hiking National Parks

One of the great features of the Southwestern United States is that it really has something for everyone. In late November, I booked an elegant spa / 5-star hotel in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. There were a wide variety of options available from lounging to hiking. From the east coast, a surprise to me was that the desert that time of year was not always warm. The outside terraces had heat lamps, which made it comfortable even after sunset to sit outside for dinner.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking of blazing sunshine and cowboys riding out on the horizon. I booked a full day excursion to the Grand Canyon. When my minibus arrived, snow had begun to fall. One of our small group, a woman from Europe, dressed in "desert" gear, light clothes and street shoes, stormed into the gift shop. She returned to admire the view of the Canyon decked out in layers of sweatshirts, a baseball cap that provides only a marginal improvement from the cool temperature!

Another surprise: As a kid, I was with my colleagues in the schools, who crowned "Home on the runway … where buffaloes roam". This was more playful than reality, since there are apparently no "American buffaloes" only "bison".

Additional day trip options from the Scottsdale area include a large artist colony, Sedona, ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright of the 20th century to its memorable natural red rock landscapes. One hike is the Apache Trail with the nearby Goldfield Ghost Town, which eventually ends at Roosevelt Dam.

In any case, it was an enjoyable trip that I would recommend. The only downside? When traveling, I prefer to be within walking distance of a number of sights.

A very different, but equally enjoyable trip, came with Christmas in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There was plenty of snow, which was very seasonal, but better was the historic city itself. There were several restaurants, shops and local landmarks such as St. Francis Cathedral Basilica. The latter was built recently in the late 1800s, but serves a 400-year-old parish. Native Americans offered jewelry and other items, the most popular of which were turquoise and silver chains, earrings and even belt buckles. (Earlier in November, Santa Fe hosts the winter Indian market SWAIA.)

Santa Fe day trips include:

• Taos

• Abiquiú

• Turquoise trail

• Bandelier National Monument with 70 miles of hiking trails

• Georgia O & # 39; Keefe's home

• Pecos National Park

• For a change of pace, Las Vegas is also within easy reach.

In addition to the view, Taos is famous for slightly challenging ski slopes. Although a remedial intermediary, I dutifully brought my skis to Santa Fe and expected a day's skiing on Taos. Although I had arrived in time for almost daily snowfall, my trip unfortunately coincided with the Christmas week. As a result, the minivan commuter services I contacted were unavailable. Local residents discouraged me from renting a car to do the unknown mountain driving alone during potentially heavy snowfall. A creative solution was to make a trip to the mountain and hope to find one upon return. I declined the opportunity to get stuck overnight and seek lodging with a day where I enjoy the region around Santa Fe.

I found year-round both Arizona and New Mexico great choices for solo travelers. However, for side trips to national parks, check for winter closures.

Luxury spa and wellness resorts in Rajasthan

Each time the work takes over completely and the stress begins, there are only 2 choices; being back at home, staying pampered at work and drowning in sheer monotony, or getting the earliest ticket to Rajasthan, the state famous for its rich heritage, luxurious living and overwhelming spa and wellness resorts.

For complete rejuvenation, detoxification and renewal, one must blindly indulge in spa and wellness resorts in Rajasthan.

Let's look at some of the best hotels in Rajasthan that offer the best in spa and wellness treatments to their clients.

1. Tree of Life – Resort and Spa: This is one of the best resorts in Jaipur, tucked away from the chaos that is widespread in the city. It offers its guests all the comfort they came looking for, along with unparalleled relaxation, beauty and service.

The luxury resort consists of 13 luxury villas and is only an hour's drive from Jaipur International Airport.

2. Leela Palace, Udaipur – Overlooking the shining lake of Pichola, Leela Palace in Udaipur seeks to give its guests the ultimate pampering. The holistic spa, composed by ESPA, provides guests with a restoration of life balance and healing of their mind, body and soul.

Aromatherapy, hot-stone massages, spa facials, pedicures and manicures, Indian head massages, etc. are just some of the wellness therapies and treatments.

3. Umaid Bhawan Vilas, Jodhpur – The royal residence of Jodhpur royalties, Umaid Bhawan Palace provides its guests with a rejuvenating journey of harmony, healing and wellness.

Umaid Bhawan offers a variety of wellness treatments, including body scrubs and wraps, Ayurveda treatments, yoga and meditation, and a variety of signature treatments such as samattva, Trupti, Chandana, etc.

4. Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore – A beautiful avenue that runs along flower-filled water masses leads guests to a sunlit courtyard, where they have some of the finest natural and plant-based therapies. The hotel offers rejuvenation rituals for both men and women.

The holistic treatments include massage therapies, revitalizing body treatments, specialty baths and the signature of original rituals.

5. Raas, Jodhpur- Raas is an altar of serenity, amidst the chaos of Jodhpur, offering a world-class spa treatment known for its ethical, sustainable practice. Ila promises to work with the greatest dedication and purest intentions and with its meditative practices and carefully selected wild ingredients.

The luxurious resort is only approx. 4.5 km from Jodhpur Airport and is one of the closest resorts to Mehrangarh Fort.

Sukhumvit Road friendly hotels in Bangkok

If you decide where to stay right in all the excitement of Bangkok & # 39; s notorious nightlife districts, it is best to choose a hospitable hotel in Sukhumvit district. Especially from Sukhumvit road Soi 1 through Soi 23.

The reason is that the Nana red light district is just off Soi 4, and the Soi Cowboy red light district ends on Soi 23.

Soi Cowboy is a neon light filled street with many of Bangkok & # 39; s best-known go-go bars such as Long Gun and Rawhide. Nana is most famous for a 3-story building with go-go bars around an open bar area called Nana Entertainment Plaza.

Both areas are very popular tourist-centric attractions with all types of tourists visiting from all over the world.

So if you are visiting Soi Cowboy and Nana, you will probably be looking to stay at a "guest friendly" hotel. It is a term for hotels in Bangkok that do not charge their guest a carpenter fee to bring a companion back to their rooms.

Non-guest hotels usually charge a fee of THB 500 and up to 1500 THB if you wish to invite an unregistered attendant to your hotel room. And that's a hefty fee.

A majority of Bangkok hotels without carpenter fees are concentrated around Sukhumvit district. You can easily find a comfortable budget hotel that costs around 1000 THB. Maxim's Inn at Soi 7/1 is an example of a very good basic budget hotel with no carpenter fee. It is close to the Nana BTS station and right in the middle of Nana and Soi Cowboy.

Although I recommend finding a hospitable hotel in Sukhumvit that costs around 1500 THB because hotels at this price are very good quality and are typically in 2 to 3 star range. Boss suites and Sky @ 4 is right on Soi 4 ​​and costs around 1500 THB and is really popular with guests who love to visit Nana Entertainment Plaza because it is close by.

Over by Soi Cowboy are two 4 to 5 star hotels with very affordable room rates. The Grande Center Point Sukhumvit and Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit are new luxury hotels that cost around THB 3500 per night. night.

And all 5 recommended guest-friendly hotels mentioned here are really popular with frequent Bangkok night visitors. Which means it's best to book a room in advance if you find a really good deal, as there are often hotel discounts.

Bangkok Sukhumvit district is the best is to stay to party. This is where most of the top clubs, bars and red light districts are located. So choosing a hotel that will put you right in the heart of all the action.

The world's best golf resorts: Exercise and play for your vacation!

The best golf resorts in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean may be your choice for your next vacation. Make it a train-and-play golf holiday! So many package holidays are available to make your journey much more than a break from your routine. A golf vacation will be a hands-on experience of improving your golf game, enjoying a phenomenally peaceful and luxurious setting and visiting another state or country! This planning guide refers to some of the top rated golf resorts in the world.

Whether you ultimately book for yourself or through an experienced golf travel specialist, you can begin your research online where you can find premium golf courses and travel deals. Rates, facilities at the resort and golf course details are available. But look further for the packages that include airfare, hotel stays and green fees to get your best value. The typical Golf Resort Vacation package includes most of these features:

  • flight
  • holiday village
  • Confirmed Tee Times
  • Prepaid green fees
  • Shared shopping cart for 18 holes
  • Equipment rental
  • Golf lessons
  • Meals at exclusive restaurants
  • Transfers to the course
  • Transfers to the airport
  • All taxes and service fees

Golf courses are planned in lovely surroundings where you can take in the sea breeze or view of lush vegetation and you can combine golf with other resort facilities to provide a rounded holiday.

Try for example. One of the many glamorous Club Med Golf Resorts with beautiful fairways in the most unforgettable, welcoming places around the world. Club Med offers offers including the best equipment and golf lessons for all levels! Its locations include Cancun, Mexico as well as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Other locations span the world: Turks and Caicos, Mauritius, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal and in the US – Sandpiper Bay, Florida.

Scotland has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and there are about 100 resorts, called "golf hotels", among the 500 plus golf courses across the country. Best known are Turnberry, Gleneagles and The Old Course Hotel St. George Andrews. Each of these has a spa, leisure facilities, excellent restaurants and "golf lessons" packages for all levels.

Mexico has several golf resorts located in luxurious coastal resorts. There are golf resorts in Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. Mexico also has its championship Baja version of California's famous "Pebble Beach" golf facility, called Bajamar, just a few hours & # 39; drive from San Diego in Ensenada.

In the United States, check online for some of the golf resorts suggested by key magazines such as Golf Links & # 39; s that publish The top 100 golf courses in the United States. This number ranks the best out of more than 21,000 public and private golf courses across the country. Within the hundred courses, however, you want to search for resorts with package programs and golf lessons. Among the top hundred you will find that the most important vacation destinations with golf resorts are in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. Let's review these modes for their best locations:

  • In sunny, always-temperate Florida, Club Med Sandpiper Bay Golf Academy offers 2-day and 3-day golf courses. The academy includes all aspects of the game, such as Chipping, Putting, Bunker, Pitching and Lob Shot, Full Swing with Iron and Woods. There is a video that analyzes your swing, as well as an optional video that compares your swing with a pro player. The area in and around Miami also has regional golf resorts for vacation all year round. Each resort offers on-site facilities and services, both on and off the course, and minutes away from major Miami attractions such as South Beach and Miami MetroZoo. You have many options for a golf vacation here.
  • Arizona has a climate suitable for many months of the year, and Scottsdale has nearly 200 golf courses, many with the picturesque backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. It is a golf destination with golf schools and pro shops. Here, many resorts offer high quality accommodation and championship golf courses. Most golf resorts offer packages where hotel guests can have discounted green fees. In addition, Sedona, Arizona, offers numerous golf resorts with a mild year-round climate and spectacular red-rock scenic views.
  • In California, Pebble Beach has been known to be a small coastal golf destination located in beautiful Monterey County. It is home to the prominent Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach Lodge and the prestigious Inn at Spanish Bay. Each year, golfers return to rub shoulders with golfers and experience nature at its finest on the magnificent golf course laid out by leading golf course designers. The harmony of golf layouts and the majestic coast is incredibly inspiring!
  • Another golfer's paradise is conveniently located along the South Atlantic coast at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It combines world-class natural beauty and golf on a barrier island 12 miles long and five miles wide. Nicklaus, Palmer and other golf legends have often played these championship courses. Since the first course opened at Sea Pines in 1961, there are now emerald links in Harbor Town and excellent courses in Bluffton as the Hilton Head area has become a major golf center. It is legendary for its spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, scenic marshes and maritime forests with abundant wildlife. The year-round temperate climate and sunshine also make Hilton Head Island the perfect place to relax.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, quietly appears as one of the US & # 39; fastest growing golf destinations amidst the glitz and glamor of its casinos. The city's large convention center and countless hotel rooms make it a natural oasis for major golfing events. With year-round sunshine and mild temperatures and plenty to do after a full day of playing golf from games to watching entertaining shows, this golf destination will continue to grow.
  • CNN ranked Austin, Texas as the No. 1 city for golf on its of 2010. Framed by Texas Hill Country, Austin's golf courses are among the best in the United States. The region is highlighted by the Wolfdancer Golf Club, named No. 56 in Golfweek & # 39; s top 100 golf courses in 2009. In addition to being a fantastic modern music city and home to many celebrities, Austin vacationing golfers offer a fantastic barbecue, an idyllic year-round climate and luxury accommodations.

Your best package deal will be at all-inclusive resorts where flights, lodging, meals and golf activities are rolled out at a cost. On the other hand, consider traditional hotels and resorts at the suggested locations. With a little online planning, one of the finest golf resorts in the world may be your affordable choice. Enjoy the location, exploration of the region as you improve your golf game and provide a happy, rounded vacation to your family and loved ones!

(c) Elizabeth McMillian 2012

Demographics of Flagstaff Arizona

So what happens to the flag? After reviewing the area, we find that the flag is fine. Flagstaff has been growing for quite some time since it was named after a pine tree used for a flagpole in 1876 as travelers reach the top of the mountain on the old path. While not as fast as the other mega-growth parts of Arizona, it has held its own against the growth of other parts of this great nation.

GMP's gross metropolitan product grew about 6.3% during the decade 1990-2000. But real growth has been recent and is expected to be 3.6% annually. Why, many other homes, retirees and Metro PHX and Southern CA refugees with PhDs. In fact, there are more PhDs in Flagstaff than in any other Arizona city.

There are many self-employed people who work from home as consultants. More independent home office people than anywhere else in Arizona and equal to Sedona. Tourism is down but only slightly at 2.2% and for tourist areas is less than most other places in the country, mostly due to the need for driving. Everything is scattered, lots of parks, the Grand Canyon, Indian quotes. America West has increased flights. Flags are the starting point for all these places of interest. We met people here from England, France, China and from many states on the way to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, state parks as well as from PHX and Los Angeles, many homeowners, motorhomes and people on vacation, this is said to be a year around things. On any given day, there are 5000 plus people traveling through and spending money. Many people come up for the day to go shopping in the mall or just hang out and walk into town from Sedona and we met an amazing couple from Williams. Lots of people living in sticks come to town once or twice a week.

Recently, tourism was hurt due to fuel prices and Kinder Morgan pipeline breaches a month ago. This is because no one could get gas and drive up the hill to get out of the heat (only about 2 hours of average traffic, at night you can fly if you have the power). Flags of course be anywhere from 10-15 degrees less hot in summer. And when it hits 115 in PHX, everyone wants to leave. Would you not? They get into an air-conditioned car to take a drive and just end up in Flag? No, just teasing, but that's the joke around town these days. Living costs are above the national average with a great deal mostly due to wealthy city dwellers moving up the hill. They typically come to town set up and stay five years and get bored and move back. Aside from the draft Dodger cave dweller, stayed in a cave for 11 years in the state park and they kicked him out and told him not to return?

The artificial property causes hard ship for children trying to buy into the city, soaking up all apartments along with the University of Northern AZ. They claim to be number 8 in town for the healthiest places to live, bringing in Granolas. High schools have one of the lowest dropout rates in the country. Due to second-hand homes, K-3 enrollments decline, older trends for older populations occur.

Families that are just starting out have a hard time staying. Some yuppie soccer mom SUV members move in, but not as fast as the retired or older professional crowd who want to get out of the rat race and still be able to afford. This happens in many similar cities we have visited.

Major employers include WL Gore and Associates, which manufactures medical supplies; Flagstaff Medical Center; Grand Canyon Tourist Railway. Remember, the railroad has been there since 1881, NACOG government education (and they need the education for not?), SWCAA, Inc. Environmental products due to assistance available to everyone.

Walgren's distribution, distribution and transport are doing well there, and only a wealth of hotels and restaurants can cater to the tourist. Too bad recently was the telemarketing company Sturner and Klien, though fortunately they have other avenues. Nestle Purina cat food manufacturers, and it smells like cat food on that side of town, ha ha ha, not really. Lowell's famous observatory also there.

The cleaning industry is alive and well both in the wash and car wash. Five Guys Car Wash (HA), Flag Car Wash, Twin Pines Car Wash. Also Pressure Washing Flagstaff Pressure Washing, Perkins Power Wash, Tryton Enterprises, Joe's Power Washing. Keep in mind that these are pretty good operators and there are only 57,000 people in town living year-round. Not including college kids and second homes. Both of which are large numbers.

The service sector is alive and well in Flag. Retail and hospitality as well. The mall is expanding and currently has approx. 723 construction workers who are building and these help the job situation. Detail tasks created by this mall extension are approx. 240 extra with about 48 unrelated support jobs in town. For a complete list of chamber companies. Many jobs currently available to those who want to work?

There are several building description assignments and a revitalization in the center. Multi-million dollar downtown 6 blocks project. Multilevel parking structure and shopping area. The economic development people are working hard to maintain and expand and educate the labor supply and try to increase the number of high-paying jobs in the area to keep families in town and doing well. Many of the families moving down the hill complain about the traffic and will move back to their homes in flags.

Telecommunications are a big problem and they have a big fiber optic line from PHX in now, for good service. Satellite broadband is available from two providers. The area is also good for distribution companies with 80 trains coming through one day, some complain, but the railroad is part of the countryside and has been since 1894 when it was incorporated.

Flag also has a distribution center along I-40 and a business zone and a large truck stop. The technology park at the airport has just increased by 11 acres. The university has special projects in renewable energy, energy and engineering. The Solar Project is at the forefront of the Tempe University Center's work. In the city is Southwest Wind Power, where manufacturing benefits from college labor from special projects and the technology as well. Flagstaff just came out of level two drought and will probably need to be careful about water resources as it expands, this is an important issue for us in flagstaff. Golf courses, center dividers, urban landscape architecture and cities that are careful to use gray water.

There have been drought times water restrictions and they were happy to see that we were low water users for car wash, they like the idea and think it is of value. We found that the service sector was recovering and if you provide good service you will be slammed with work and thus not able to service the demand through the referrals you get, it is this type of city and the demand for service is high and we are seeing incredible growth in this sector.

Unemployment is low at 4.9%. There are 11.3% American Indians who are good sources of work, and they do really well and give so much to the city / city (still in between) the mood and legacy. The largest age group is changing rapidly and moving upwards. Currently, 25-40 make up 30% of the population, but rising rapidly is the age range 45-65. The tiger files predict 70,000 in 2010, I disagree, with all things being equal, I expect the number to be more like 85,000. The annual population growth is 3%, so it is really high, but seems to be sustainable for some time, and only issue the water supply again.

Once it did not rain for 140 days, then President Bush met for a speech, and it seemed, needless to say, compassionate conservatism took on a whole new meaning as he won much of the 6980 feet above sea level city. The annual rainfall was approx. 21 inches, but recent times have been much smaller. Snowfall is good at 100 inches and they need it for the water to soak in and collect. It rarely gets above 90 degrees in the summer, but the winters can be quite chilly and very pretty with all the snow that attracts year-round tourism. Being with I-40 is also a good stopover for weary travelers and thus collects a good deal of its cash flow without it easily escaping. In July, sales tax rose to 8,125%, and that is 1.54% city tax, 8125% county tax and state sales tax. This has led many to drive down the hill to buy new cars. Unfortunately, this has not been good for the auto sector, but the new influx of money has also helped sales, so perhaps the shock is not so bad. An owner of Patel family hotels complained about increases in the room tax, but said "that's okay, because now they have to listen to my wife when she goes down to the town hall because we're funding the place?" I laughed and then thought to myself that he has a point, luckily the other cities nearby also have hotel fees, but Winslow, AZ doesn't, Williams does. So it's a throw. There is some farming going on in Flagstaff and the farmer's markets are doing quite well and there are some good things to buy here.

Agriculture is nowadays somewhat small with only approx. 60 employees are employed in this sector and they are not large water consumers. The service sector employs just over 16,000 people and it is growing rapidly. We were very interested in the projects and job growth and new facilities to go up.

We were also pleased to find that NAU had an employment office for students to find work, good work source, phone number is (928) -523-9463. Arthur was also a good job Base.

We have noticed that the crime rate is not too bad, but substance abuse is a problem. Alcoholism and drug issues are still going on, but overall crime has been somewhat reduced over the years, even with the increase in population. On the whole, we really like it here and believe that there is great potential. Judging by the competition and their busy planning a company committed to service in almost every service sector is good as gold in the city of Pine Tree Flag Pole.