What is Gossypium Barbadense?

Pima cotton (Gossypium barbadense) is a species of the cotton plant. This tropical perennial plant has a beautiful yellow flower with black seeds. It is a small bushy tree that provides long silky fibers and requires full sun, high humidity and rain. Pima cotton is very sensitive to frost. Other common names of Pima cotton are extra long staples, South American, Creole, Sea Island cotton, Egyptian, Algodon pais and West Indian cotton. The Pima cotton plant is unique in that it has an antimycotic property and contains the chemical gossypol. This cotton plant is less likely to sustain bug damage. It has also been used as an antifertility drug and the leaves of Gossypium barbadense have been used to treat hypertension and delayed or irregular menstruation.


The name Pima came from the Pima Indians who helped at the USDA trial farms in Arizona in the early 1900's. The first signs of domestication of the cotton plant came from a place on the Peruvian coast called Ancon, where cotton balls from 4200 BC. was found. In the year 1000 BC Peru's cotton balls were hard to distinguish from modern cultivations. Cotton growers were widespread in South America and spread to the West Indies where the cotton was found by Christopher Columbus. It was grown on commercial slave plantations in the West Indies. By 1650, Babados had become the first British West Indian colony to export cotton.

Egyptian cotton

The name Egyptian cotton applies to the extra-long staple cotton grown in Egypt. The cotton grown in Egypt is used by luxury and up-market brands around the world. The cotton species that produces the extra-long staple "Egyptian" cotton is the Native American species called Gossypium barbadense introduced by Mohammad Ali Pasha in the 19th century.

Egyptian cotton is used by manufacturers to manufacture advanced colored sheets, satin sheets and other bedding for presidential suits and executive suites at 5-star hotels. Once you enjoy the wonderful silky feel of Egyptian cotton colored layers you will be spoiled for life.

The softness of Egyptian cotton-colored layers and satin sheets depends on the number of threads. The higher the thread count (we will discuss this in another article) in the fabric – the softer the sheets and satin sheets. One thing I noticed with my 600 thread counted colored sheets, they feel softer and silky at each wash. Can you imagine how 1500 thread count colored sheets would feel?

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Mountain Bike Vacations – Where are the best trails in the United States?

Mountain biking is a wonderful way to enjoy the magnificent scenery of America and get some exercise in the outdoors. There are fantastic cycling routes all over the world, but here we will concentrate on the very best in the US. If you are fit and healthy, mountain biking holidays are a wonderful way to spend time with your friends as well as get new ones on the trip. You stay in different rooms, hotels or hostels, depending on your preference and budget. You definitely have a vacation to remember.

Where can you find the best mountain bike trails?

There are fantastic trails suitable for mountain biking in all modes, so you & # 39; s will probably be able to find many that are suitable no matter what area you live in. This includes mountain trails, but also a number of other pleasant terrain. For those adventurous types or people who are experienced in mountain biking, there are several exciting, beautiful and often rougher trails to follow.

Mountain bike ride routes can be discovered throughout the United States, no matter where you live. Wonderful mountain bike trails are not only accessible at high altitudes. In essence, almost all rough or scenic trails can provide exercise and excitement for even very experienced cyclists. Despite this, as a result of the geological formations in the area, the finest mountain trails are located in the Southwest and Northwest Pacific, but there are also some good trails around North Carolina in the Southeast. There are some excellent areas for biking in the Pacific NorthWest, which include the Deschutes River Trail in Oregon, the American River Bike Path, Northern California and Washington & # 39; s Black Diamond Coal Mine trails. A hard trail in Arizona, the National Trail, is suitable for those who are fit and very experienced, like the Slick Rock Trail in Moab, Utah.

States in western America are obviously superior to higher elevation paths, although the southwestern areas are gaining popularity with riders because they have a good reputation for providing excellent accommodation. A number of extremely popular trails here in the United States include Bent Creek Asheville North Carolina, Blankets Creek Bicycle Trail, Woodstock Georgia and Colorado Trail Breckenridge. The world's longest mountain bike route!

One famous mountain trail that we should bring up is the longest mountain bike trail in the world. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is more than 2000 miles long from Canada to Mexico. Where it passes through the mountainous areas of Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico, it can be tough as there are parts that have sharp climbs and downhill climbs.


If you are healthy and in shape, there is no better way than a mountain biking vacation to take advantage of nature and get plenty of first-class training outdoors. These very pleasant holidays do not cost much and can provide wonderful memories at a very low price.

Planning to go on vacation? – Visit Ireland's best tourist spot

If you are planning a holiday this year, Ireland may be the best place to visit a tourist. When we talk about its geographical location, it is surrounded by many islands and also islets that count in numbers over hundreds. It covers five sixths of all islands. The temperature is very mild here due to the excellent oceanic climate. The geography of Ireland is surrounded by the relatively low-lying mountains. This area is surrounded by centuries-old tradition and culture, which involves it people and their communities. The people of this country have warm and friendly nature.

Let me tell you how interested in Ireland, there are mainly three world heritage sites there on the island such as Giant's Causeway, Skellig Michael and Brú na Boinne. Some other places where there are good attractions are Burren and Mount Stewart. The country is gifted with the most impressive and wonderful features that make it a top tourist destination. The capital of Ireland, Dublin, has its own and indispensable lures worth visiting. If you plan to travel to Ireland you will never regret as the country has plenty of charismatic places and attractive sights. The landscape of this country has its own legend and mystery. These spots will catch you with their charisma and you will never feel like a waste of your vacation.

Due to the greenest landscape and amazing, this is also called or called Emerald Isle. Its maintained prosperity and resources are the captivating features of showing the coming tourists. The site and the sights are of wonderful quality, which makes tourists deeply in love with them. If you are a type of person who likes adventure and activity, Ireland will actually fill you. There are lots of activities full of excitement and fun to engage in such a way that you will forget your own world.

Now you can visit Ireland in different ways as you can get around with several air and sea voyages. There are several networks that can make traveling to your country of interest very easy. You should not think about the places to stay in Ireland as you can find very good places and the settings are so much that you can choose hotels of your choice. These hotels. have maintained their high standards so that the traveler can find it as comfortable as possible. You can choose hotels from surfing the internet as a park hotel, and others are options there. At the park hotel there are various unique and exclusive you can choose from.
Visit Ireland and create a memory never before. Free up the adventure and sightseeing, which will make your holiday amazing.

Top 5 Cuba Vacations for Beach Lovers

People plan their vacations on many different styles and interests from culture and history to beaches and nightlife. While alternative forms of travel such as escorted tours, eco-tourism and off the beaten track or "rough it" travel are gaining popularity, there is still a core group of tourists who will always exist and can serve as a barometer of how healthy a destination is the tourism industry. We are talking about the Sunbird, who is also known for their less than free title "The Beach Bum". From a travel agency's point of view, they are arguably the best clients to tackle, as generally speaking, they are very low maintenance and requirements are usually kept to "good beach, all inclusive and cheap". Thank goodness for Cuba.

Cuba has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and is a major determining factor affecting potential tourists looking for the last minute vacation to rest. Although the resorts are getting bigger in number and size, Cuba still has unpopulated, unpolluted beaches in not only the major resort areas, but also in smaller Cays, giving the feeling of having your own private island paradise. The perfect beach is relative to the user, whereas a person might love a quiet, secluded palm tree sand stretch, for example, I like an area where water sports are close and the cocktail cabana is closer. Here are 5 beaches in Cuba that are the best not only for the natural beauty but also for their blend of atmosphere and appeal to all types of beach lovers.

VARADERO BEACH is not only the most popular beach in Cuba, but this 20 km. stretches of white sand and warm turquoise water are perfect for almost anyone. The waters are quiet and shallow for several meters outside, making it safe for children and non-swimmers even further out. The conditions are excellent for snorkelers and divers. The perfect blend of sun and shade from the Palms means as much or as little sun as you want. Since Varadero is also the most popular resort in Cuba, you are just steps from your All Inclusive resort to the beach, allowing a steady stream of munchies and mojitos.

CAYO SANTA MARIA is a UNESCO reserve running 13 km. of almost untouched natural beach an absolute gem. As with most beaches along the Cuba north coast, the sand is fine white powder and the water is crystal clear, warm and calm. On top of the stunning turquoise blue landscape, the landscape extends to incredible wildlife such as flamingos and Cuba & # 39; s national bird – Tocoroco. This beach is perfect for couples, nature lovers and complete serenity.

CAYO COCO is about as good as it gets as far as a mix of seclusion, yet modern conveniences. Here you can find private tranquil stretches of pristine beach, yet be close to some of the best All Inclusive properties in Cuba. You can either spend a day in peace soaking up the warm Caribbean rays somewhere along these 27 miles. Stretch perfection or take part in beach activities and water sports while listening to the cool sounds of Cuba steps from your hotel. The coral reef at Cayo Coco is recognized by experts as the second most important in the world, and at the beach, divers give a great look at Cuba's varied marine life.

CAYO LARGO the beach is the perfect place to go for that private island feel as it is completely removed from almost all commercialism and tourism with only a handful of hotels. Privacy and tranquility are ideal for not only couples and singles, but also for nudists or those who seem a little daring or adventurous (Just remember sunscreen on the nude beach). For an extremely relaxing beach experience in beautiful natural surroundings, Cayo Largo is for the hard core sunbathing, as there really is nothing else to do but sunbathe, relax and appreciate that there are still places like this.

HOLGUIN BEACH is a cross section of many of the beaches in Cuba. Although not a long stretch, over 50 km. of the coastline contains a number of beaches ranging from small private sections to larger strips of resorts by the sea. The vegetation is thicker than most beaches, but the sand is still sugar white and the water crystal clear and calm. Although not as busy as Varadero, modern amenities are available, so a day at the beach can be spent in comfort. Guardalavaca Beach is one of the beaches with fantastic hotel infrastructure steps away from fantastic beaches and makes this location very popular with families.

8 activities in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is a unique city with a mix of old and new architecture and like much of Scotland is steeped in history. The following guide is a list of suggestions for what not to miss during a visit to Edinburgh.

1. Edinburgh Castle

The most visited castle in Scotland and the most visited attraction in Edinburgh. The city of Edinburgh is steeped in history, as is the city, there is plenty to explore within the castle and plenty of information available about its significance in the history of Scotland.

2. Scott Monument

Located in the heart of the city center, the monument is dedicated to one of Scotland's most famous artists, Sir Walter Scott. It only costs a few kilos to climb the rolling stairs of the monument and from the top you enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the city. This is best done on a sunny or clear day so you can enjoy the best views.

3. National Museum of Scotland

One of the most popular museums in Scotland, you can easily lose half a day by getting through all the exhibits inside. There are several interactive exhibits that keep most children (or adults) entertained.

Eat at the Balmoral Hotel

Perhaps the most famous and certainly one of the most iconic hotels in Edinburgh. Balmoral offers the highest standard of luxury and is located in the city center on Princes Street. The One One restaurant offers some of the best meals in Edinburgh and has a coveted Michelin star.

5. Take a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great city to walk around, but at night with the many winds and narrow streets it can be a bit creepy. So why not find out all about the cruel past of Edinburgh with tours exploring the origins of Jekyll and Hyde, or learn about the paranormal subway in one of the many tours available from Mercat Tours. They are informative and fun.

6. Go shopping at Jenners

Jenners, known as "Harrods" in the north, was one of the oldest independent retailers in the world until it was purchased by House of Fraser in 2005. It is located primarily on the price street and inside you you will find a a wide selection of luxury goods and clothing as well as some amazing and unique architecture, the products and the interior of the building are worth a look.

7. Enjoy Hogmanay in town

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year's Eve, and New Year is a big deal in Scotland with lots of parties and plenty of drinks taking place. In Edinburgh you will find one of the biggest street parties in the world. The main streets are flooded with thousands of people and there is various entertainment on. The street party calls for tickets that are free to get, and there are also paid events at Princes Street Gardens which involve a popular band (2011 is Primal Scream). There are no better people in the world to celebrate with than the Scots.

8. Edinburgh Zoo

In Edinburgh you will find Scotland's only zoo famous for its Penguin parade and a wonderful day for children. The zoo has over 1,000 animals and is just a few kilometers from the city center (easily accessible by bus or car). There are various events and activities throughout the year, their site has full details of current events.

The city of Glasgow is the largest of all Scottish cities

The City of Glasgow is the largest city in all of Scotland and it is also the city with among the three largest populations across the UK. It is located on the River Clyde and in the west central Scottish lowlands. Anyone coming from this town is referred to as a glass of Norwegian, and this term also refers to a local Scottish dialect.

The city of Glasgow grew more important in the tenth and eleventh centuries under the care of King David I, a Scottish king and also under the care of John, bishop of Glasgow. In fact, the city is also famous for having religious sites set up in the sixth century.

Over time, the city grew larger, and in the fifteenth century the University of Glasgow was founded, and the city was promoted from being a diocese to an archdiocese that gave the city greater importance in terms of its educational and religious status.

Although Glasgow is at the same latitude as Moscow, the climate it has is more oceanic, and spring is mild and quite enjoyable. The city is centered around Glasgow Cathedral and its old High Street, around which the city center is. In addition, the city has both retail and theater districts, and there is also a trading town located on the east side of the city.

To the west lies the financial district, which occupies areas known as Anderston and Blythswood Hill. The West End of Glasgow is known for being bohemian and there are many cafes as well as tea rooms and bars as well as shops and exclusive hotels as well as clubs and even restaurants.

Points of interest include Glasgow Botanic Gardens and then there is the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center.

Sights & Landmarks in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is the seat of the Costa Rican political government. It is also the center of the country's commercial and cultural life. It is located in the heart of Gran Area Metropolitana (or GAM) in the highlands of the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Around it are magnificent green mountains and valleys.

The city has a relatively warm climate with temperatures usually staying from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, at certain times of the year, some tourists appreciate the time it provides from the cold climate of the temperate countries. The southern parts of San Jose extend into the rural and rainforest that Costa Rica is known for. These are Talamanca mountain ranges.

You can find the airport, embassies from other countries, museums, hotels, restaurants, large and small businesses and the Universidad de Costa Rica in the City of San Jose.

San Jose has some of the more scenic and magnificent trails and sights around. First, the very interesting Museo Oro Precolombino (Gold Museum) contains more than 1,600 pieces of gold artifacts, dating back to around 500 AD. to 1500 AD.

The Poas Volcano and the Botos Lagoon, which is part of the National Park, are very close to San Jose. It is an active volcano with dense forest around the crater, making the area one of the most visited places in the country.

The Insect Museum inside the Universidad de Costa Rica contains a comprehensive collection of exotic bugs and insects. The guided tour here turns out to be a short but fruitful learning trip.

Theater lovers think the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica (National Theater of Costa Rica), the Cathedral and the Melico Salazar Theater are very interesting. These are the regular venues for cultural presentations that depict both the ancient and modern cultures of Costa Rica. Here various presentations such as concerts, operas, cultural presentations and the like are held.

Nature lovers can look forward to going to the Lankester Botanical Gardens, located on the outskirts of San José. Take your family to Pueblo Antigo, the famous theme park in town. There are also other museums modeled after 19th century San José and those housed in a massive complex called the Parque de Diversiones de Costa Rica. Likewise, in the northern part of the city there is a community called Barrio Amon, which is the location of old and historic buildings that have architectural significance for the country.

Tourists who love the nightlife will also enjoy the many bars, clubs and restaurants located in El Pueblo's picturesque cobbled streets. These are also within walking distance of hotels and resorts. Nightlife can last from 5 p.m. 9 in the evening for the small morning hours.

Foreigners should never miss the local coffee served in a typical Costa Rican way. This can be bought in some coffee shops along the center.

There are several hotels in San Jose that can meet the needs of tourists very well. We sign up for a few options here. First, the Inca Real Hotel is located along the Amon neighborhood just inside the city's tourist center. It is very close to shopping districts, museums, bars, bus stations and restaurants. The rooms have TV, Internet access, coffee maker, telephones and private baths.

Ramada Plaza Herradura Hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the international airport. It has 3 restaurants staffed by award-winning chefs, a golf course open to guests, which also offers free shuttle service and daily breakfast. The rooms have internet access, coffee maker, cable TV, hairdryer and much more, depending on the preferred services.

Casa Conde Apartotel is a four star hotel located near Park La Pax and the popular Mall San Pedro. It is 30 minutes away from the airport. It is designed as a private island; therefore, visitors can feel safe and secure at the hotel. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, jacuzzi and sauna. Guests offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with TV, kitchen, washing machine, microwave and many more.

Grand Canyon air travel is perfect for Valentine's weekend getaway

Are you trying to plan a Valentine's Day getaway that is exciting and romantic? Then consider an air tour of the Grand Canyon because it would be the ideal blend of beauty, awe and romance.

It is easy to book one of these flights because they depart from Las Vegas, Nevada as well as an airport near the South Rim of Arizona.

You can choose to tour by plane or helicopter, but the best flights from the Grand Canyon are usually the ones with the helicopter because you have better views. Flight trips are also great, and whether you choose a plane or helicopter tour, you will see some truly amazing scenery.

Tours departing from Vegas

Vegas helicopter tours depart from the Boulder City or Vegas Strip. These Grand Canyon flights may even land at the ravine. You can choose between an air trip or landing trip where the landing trip is the most exciting.

There is even a landing trip that comes with a romantic Champagne picnic. It's a great Valentine's Day tour idea, and you can even end with a relaxing boat trip along the smooth waters of the Colorado River.

You can also choose between a standard or deluxe tour where the deluxe tour offers nice perks such as. Departing from the Strip in Vegas. The Deluxe Trip is ideal if you are staying at a Vegas hotel because it also comes with free limo shuttle service. Another perk on luxury trips is seeing Vegas off the air when your chopper returns from the gap.

Since these deluxe trips use Eurocopter EC130 choppers, your ride will also be more comfortable. These helicopters have great views from their large windows, plus the ride is comfortable thanks to the luxurious seating and the improved aerodynamics.

Tours Departing from Arizona

Tours departing from the South Rim of Arizona are available in two varieties, a half hour tour and one that gives you fifty minutes of airtime. While both trips are fantastic, the longer trip is better because you get to see so much more. The longer trip is so extensive that you get to see about 80 percent of the national park when you're through.

One thing to keep in mind on South Rim trips is that they do not land at the canyon, they are just the airspace, so if you want to take a landing trip, plan to travel from Vegas instead.

Touring by plane

If you want to take a flight, you can travel from Vegas or the South Rim. Flights departing from Vegas have landing opportunities, and one fun thing to try is to head out on the Skywalk glass that lets you peek down to the canyon floor below you. This tour is a great way for romantic adventure seekers to enjoy a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Vegas South Rim flights are also a lot of fun because you can book a package that includes a half hour helicopter ride on the edge along with a 2 hour tour of the park by bus.


If you want excitement and romance for Valentine's Day, look no further than a Canyon air trip. Valentine's Day is soon here, so book your air ride now, and surprise your girlfriend with an exciting and thought-provoking experience.

Bangkok Wedding – Your best choice

These days, it seems a big priority to tie the knot to involve a lot of planning, and the decision on the location of your wedding ceremony. Thailand is certainly a popular choice for weddings, not only because of its very convenient location in the heart of Southeast Asia, but because of all the endless romantic possibilities for an unforgettable association with its various picture-perfect locations.

And there is no better way to get married in Thailand than in the country's colorful capital, Bangkok! Bangkok, also known as the City of Angels, has everything to offer with its sacred temples, world-class luxury hotels and an unparalleled urban landscape, making it one of the most preferred places for weddings.

As the political, social and economic hub of Thailand, Bangkok is considered one of Asia's premier capitals, serving as one of the region's most important hubs for fashion, art and entertainment. Bangkok, selected as Asia's best tourist destination, offers a real feast for the eyes with its wide range of sights and sounds along with an unmatched party for cultural lovers.

Transform your wedding into the most memorable affair of your life by discovering the beauty of one of Asia's best capitals. You can choose to exchange your vows at one of Bangkok's soaring towers with a majestic 360-degree view of the city; or you can also have a traditional Thai wedding with one of the city's majestic temples serving as a stunning backdrop. It may also be a good idea to host your wedding reception in one of Bangkok's well-known five-star hotels, the symbol of luxury and good life. The possibilities just seem endless!

The best thing about getting married in Bangkok is that you will also never run out of choices for your honeymoon destination. The popular resorts of Hua Hin and Pattaya are just a few hours away, and the historic sights of Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya are also within driving distance. Of course, Bangkok offers direct flights to the rest of Thailand & # 39; s holiday nodes as well as to the rest of Asia and the world. You can enjoy the best of city life and explore the rest of the smiley land with Bangkok as a base.

If you are eager to have a Bangkok wedding, we will be able to assist you with our legal marriage registration and wedding coordination services to ensure that you have all aspects of your marriage in Thailand covered by our competent staff.

No matter what type of wedding ceremony you prefer – be it a Christian, Catholic, secular, traditional Thai Buddhist wedding or even your own organized ceremony – having a Bangkok wedding is the best choice you can ever make, next to to say "I do," of course!

Windhoek Tours – the best start to Namibia tours and holidays

In the heart of Namibia lies the largest city, Windhoek, which serves as the capital of Namibia, founded in the 1840's. Central Namibia is located on the Khomas Highlands (1700 m above sea level), on which the German-influenced capital, Windhoek, is located.

As the largest city in Namibia, Windhoek is home to several companies, the organization's headquarters and educational institutions and of course a large population. Some of the Namibia people living in the lively city include Owambo, Kavango, Herero, Damara and Nama, San and Europeans.

The city has very friendly weather with hot days and cool nights all year round. With temperatures at 20 ° C in summer and 5-18ºC in the winter months June to August, Windhoek has a semi-arid climate suitable for tourist activities.

Travel to Windhoek is by road, train and plane. Windhoek has two airports, but Hosea Kutoka airport is the largest airport in Namibia that handles flights from South Africa and other destinations on South African Airways or Air Namibia, which is the national carrier. Tours around the city take place on 4X4 and are led by expert guides who often last about 3 hours.

Windhoek offers a variety of activities and tourist attractions that provide something interesting for any Namibian traveler. Much of the city's streets are a mix of old German architecture and modern buildings. For your historical tours in Namibia, there are four museums in Windhoek. Alte Feste is the national museum, the oldest building of 1890, which houses some important memorabilia and photos from the early colonial times.

Other interesting surviving buildings include the Trans-Namib Railway Museums, the National Art Gallery, St George & # 39; s Cathedral, St. George & # 39; s Cathedral Mary & # 39; s Cathedral and many others. Visiting each of these sights on Namibia day trips makes a very insightful tour of Namibia's history and growth as an independent state.

All Namibia safaris begin in Windhoek with trips to the beautiful Daan Viljoen Game Park west of the city. Some of the sights here include gemsbok, kudu, mountain zebra, springbok, warthog and over 200 birds. Zoo Park is another fascination for day trips in Namibia, with rare views of the elephant fossils from the Stone Age 5000 years ago.

Post Street Mall is an open market with various African crafts, souvenirs and gifts. It's a great place to start your shopping expeditions in Windhoek. Penduka Craft Village in Katutura is a non-profit project for rural women throughout the country. Support women by buying one or two items there.

Windhoek has a lot to offer for holiday homes from luxury Windhoek hotels to budget guest houses and self catering accommodation. Modern luxury amenities are available from Kalahari Sands Hotel, Heinitzburg Hotel and Windhoek Country Club Hotel. Olive Grove Guesthouse from the city center with up-market accommodation and facilities such as a spa, spacious lounge and swimming pool. There are many other self catering apartments, safari lodges, Bed and Breakfast and private homes for Windhoek Namibia accommodation.

Enjoy the wide variety of restaurants such as the ever popular Joe & # 39; s Beerhouse and Am Winberg. Get the best African cuisine at La Marmaite, one of the best local restaurants in Windhoek. Club Thriller is a taste of fine West African music and a couple of optimistic contemporary rhythms.