El Tovar Hotel

The El Tovar Hotel is located up to the very edge of the Grand Canyon and the South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. The El Tovar Hotel is an architectural marvel that seems to have sprung from the very cliff on which it is situated. This multi-level sprawling building opened in 1905 and follows […]

Phoenix, Arizona Vacation Rentals – Affordable

Phoenix, Arizona vacation rentals are a sunny way to enjoy a vacation in the sun. By renting accommodation in Phoenix, vacationers can have a laid-back, easy-to-budget vacation. Busy hotels in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona and the main business center, are expensive and charge daily. Every extra day can cost expensive. Phoenix, Arizona vacation rentals, […]

Stay at Payson hotels to explore and enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities

Arizona is a popular destination for many keen out-of-town, out-of-state and also local walkers. Nowhere in the state is hiking more interesting and exciting than in Payson. Hotels in the area are often full of capacity with walkers during the spring and fall seasons. Payson offers a myriad of beautiful, well-maintained hiking trails that will […]