Top 5 Cuba Vacations for Beach Lovers

People plan their vacations on many different styles and interests from culture and history to beaches and nightlife. While alternative forms of travel such as escorted tours, eco-tourism and off the beaten track or "rough it" travel are gaining popularity, there is still a core group of tourists who will always exist and can serve as a barometer of how healthy a destination is the tourism industry. We are talking about the Sunbird, who is also known for their less than free title "The Beach Bum". From a travel agency's point of view, they are arguably the best clients to tackle, as generally speaking, they are very low maintenance and requirements are usually kept to "good beach, all inclusive and cheap". Thank goodness for Cuba.

Cuba has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and is a major determining factor affecting potential tourists looking for the last minute vacation to rest. Although the resorts are getting bigger in number and size, Cuba still has unpopulated, unpolluted beaches in not only the major resort areas, but also in smaller Cays, giving the feeling of having your own private island paradise. The perfect beach is relative to the user, whereas a person might love a quiet, secluded palm tree sand stretch, for example, I like an area where water sports are close and the cocktail cabana is closer. Here are 5 beaches in Cuba that are the best not only for the natural beauty but also for their blend of atmosphere and appeal to all types of beach lovers.

VARADERO BEACH is not only the most popular beach in Cuba, but this 20 km. stretches of white sand and warm turquoise water are perfect for almost anyone. The waters are quiet and shallow for several meters outside, making it safe for children and non-swimmers even further out. The conditions are excellent for snorkelers and divers. The perfect blend of sun and shade from the Palms means as much or as little sun as you want. Since Varadero is also the most popular resort in Cuba, you are just steps from your All Inclusive resort to the beach, allowing a steady stream of munchies and mojitos.

CAYO SANTA MARIA is a UNESCO reserve running 13 km. of almost untouched natural beach an absolute gem. As with most beaches along the Cuba north coast, the sand is fine white powder and the water is crystal clear, warm and calm. On top of the stunning turquoise blue landscape, the landscape extends to incredible wildlife such as flamingos and Cuba & # 39; s national bird – Tocoroco. This beach is perfect for couples, nature lovers and complete serenity.

CAYO COCO is about as good as it gets as far as a mix of seclusion, yet modern conveniences. Here you can find private tranquil stretches of pristine beach, yet be close to some of the best All Inclusive properties in Cuba. You can either spend a day in peace soaking up the warm Caribbean rays somewhere along these 27 miles. Stretch perfection or take part in beach activities and water sports while listening to the cool sounds of Cuba steps from your hotel. The coral reef at Cayo Coco is recognized by experts as the second most important in the world, and at the beach, divers give a great look at Cuba's varied marine life.

CAYO LARGO the beach is the perfect place to go for that private island feel as it is completely removed from almost all commercialism and tourism with only a handful of hotels. Privacy and tranquility are ideal for not only couples and singles, but also for nudists or those who seem a little daring or adventurous (Just remember sunscreen on the nude beach). For an extremely relaxing beach experience in beautiful natural surroundings, Cayo Largo is for the hard core sunbathing, as there really is nothing else to do but sunbathe, relax and appreciate that there are still places like this.

HOLGUIN BEACH is a cross section of many of the beaches in Cuba. Although not a long stretch, over 50 km. of the coastline contains a number of beaches ranging from small private sections to larger strips of resorts by the sea. The vegetation is thicker than most beaches, but the sand is still sugar white and the water crystal clear and calm. Although not as busy as Varadero, modern amenities are available, so a day at the beach can be spent in comfort. Guardalavaca Beach is one of the beaches with fantastic hotel infrastructure steps away from fantastic beaches and makes this location very popular with families.