Lots to offer outdoor enthusiasts and whiskey buffets in Moray

Moray on Scotland's east coast has plenty to offer if you want to get off the beaten path on your holiday north of the border.

The region is packed with historical sights, world-class golf courses, outdoor attractions and of course its famous whiskey.

In fact, whiskey is a big business in this area, with Moray & # 39; s distilleries accounting for about half of Scotland's total spirit production. More than 50 distilleries can be found here – some of which produce malt for well-known global brands Johnnie Walker and The Famous Grouse.

The Malt Whiskey Trail can be a perfect adventure for you if you are a fan of the drink or if you are just curious to learn more about its production and history. A marked route takes you to some of the best working distilleries in the region, including the historic Dallas Dhu plant, which is preserved in its original 19th-century state. Here – and at other distilleries – you have a chance to see firsthand how the drink is produced and you may be lucky enough to try a sample or two.

Moray is also the setting for Shakespeare & # 39; s well-respected tragic game Macbeth, and the area's history is sure to impress. Why not take a walk through some of the region's castle ruins – many of which lie in scenic, rolling hills – or visit the more modern Brodie Castle? The 16th-century building, which was a residential area until 2003, is packed with centuries-old artwork and you can pop into its shop and tea room during your stay at a nearby hotel on the east coast of Scotland.

Nature lovers also find plenty to impress them in Moray. Those staying at a hotel in the Scottish Highlands are spoiled for choice when it comes to high quality golf courses and places to go hiking and walking. Several adventurous types may even want to try camping or caravans.

Bottle dolphins can be discovered on the coast, and you can get up close and personal with them if you take a boat trip. And if scuba diving is your favorite outdoor pursuit, there's plenty of fun to be had on the east coast of Scotland.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, Moray is sure to please.