Edmonton events, sports and shows

Edmonton is referred to as Canada's Festival City because of its amazing array of shows, festivals and events. There is always a magnificent show, either at the theater, art galleries or the stadium. No wonder millions of visitors flock here every year. If you've been trying to find the best hotels in town, the Northlands Park Edmonton area should have caught your attention.

Although the stadium may be popular for horse racing, there are many other great attractions that will keep you busy during your stay. Here are some of the highlights that should be in your itinerary:

  • Winespear Center: The architectural elegance of the theater can only be matched by the amazing sound during shows. The celebration of art and music here creates a truly amazing atmosphere and you will be amazed by the talent displayed, especially during symphonies. From greats like the Glenn Miller Orchestra to Chantal Kreviazu, you always have a chance to catch maestros in music.
  • West Edmonton Mall: WEM has to be the biggest attraction in the area and for many good reasons. The large size of the mall will dazzle you and the activities inside are amazing. From entertainment to water parks, you will have an amazing family time shopping from the world's biggest brands. This is the largest mall in North America and has good hotels and pubs.
  • Telus World of Science: The exhibits here are amazing and it is a perfect destination for families, especially at the Sherlock Holmes exhibit and the IMAX theater. It is a great alternative both to entertainment and as a learning experience.
  • World Water Park: This is a fun place for all ages with different water activities available. It is one of WEM & # 39; s highlights and you can spend a relaxing day at the facility without missing out on something to enjoy.
  • Whyte Avenue: This is yet another highlight for any visitor. The street brings you back to history and there are countless festivals and shows that always happen. There are cool restaurants and bars, art galleries, fun shows and more. Surprisingly, it is located near the best hotels in Edmonton Alberta.
  • Fort Edmonton Park: This is a tribute to the city's history and you will learn a lot. It is a gem in the river valley and shows the lifestyle dating back 200 years. The train ride and old homes and shops give this the feel of old life. You will enjoy four eras of history and come out with a better understanding of the old city.
  • Muttart Conservatory: As it turns 40, Muttart remains a huge hit with visitors who are prone to nature. It has an ethereal atmosphere well removed from the bustling city life.

Go ahead and choose an attraction to explore today. Whatever you do, be sure to choose a hotel that is conveniently located near these gems.