Two recommended hospitals in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara located in Jalisco, Mexico enjoys good weather all year round. It experiences mild summers and winter. The climate is close to being perfect and is the main reason tourists visit this part of the world. The summer season lasts from June to September, while July and August see heavy rains.

As the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara has a vibrant social life. Public locations include shopping malls, bars and nightclubs. Research shows that nearly 50% of travelers visiting Mexico need medical treatment for one reason or another while in Mexico. Guadalajara has good medical facilities run by efficient doctors. Some of them even accept US insurance and health plans. Foreigners must check on their local hotels for information on English-speaking doctors.

Guadalajara Civil Hospital was founded about 200 years ago. This great hospital has a prominent position not only in the city of Guadalajara, but also throughout the state of Jalisco. Nearly fifty percent of hospital beds and incubators found in Jalisco are in this one hospital. In addition, approximately fifty percent of pediatric gynecological beds in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara are located in the same hospital.

Many other hospitals cater to the local and foreign community. Hospital Angeles Del Carmen is an important healthcare institution that combines the latest technology with expert doctors and nurses. The entire installation of this hospital helps provide the best treatment for patients. Aliens can visit the site for pre-existing conditions and / or medical watch generations.

Hospital Angeles Del Carmen takes a lot of its patients through its quality and safe health facilities. The hospital boasts of its experienced and skilled doctors who specialize in all areas of medicine. The sprawling campus has 104 rooms, including Junior, Suite Angeles and Standard Suites.

Foreigners visiting Guadalajara can refer to these hospitals in case of medical problems or accidents as their doctors, staff and nurses are very professional and helpful.