2008 was a tough year for tourism in Rocky Point

Fall in the number of visitors to the area by 250,000

2008 was a difficult year for Puerto Penasco, Mexico in tourism as 250,000 fewer visitors made their way to the area compared to the previous year. This decline represents a decrease of at least 16% and had a domino effect across the city, reports Rafael Gonzalez Valenzuela, director of the City Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).

The OCV director said that according to reports from the port of Lukeville, Arizona, which is the main port to access Penasco, they recorded nearly 1.3 million foreigners passing, compared with 1.55 million in 2007.

He hinted in the field of national tourism that the situation was slightly different as the number of visitors to this area was maintained at nearly 1.75 million. Nevertheless, this phenomenon was not sufficient to reverse the negative impact of the decline in foreign tourism.

Gonzalez Valenzuela, explained in hotel occupancy, ended 2008 with an average of 43% compared to 58% from the previous year, reflecting a 15-point decline.

Based on this, he added, the last evaluation highlight of 2008 was generally a bad year for Puerto Penasco ( Rocky Point ).

Among the expectations for 2009, which is certainly a complicated year and where the situation will be difficult to improve, they still expect results from the intensive campaign to be implemented in California after the opening of the coastal road.

Gonzalez Valenzuela said they have not fully evaluated the negative economic impact due to the decline in foreign tourism, but no doubt this has taken its toll on virtually all service providers and businesses in the city.

The OCV director noted that, based on this, the task is to strengthen promotional campaigns to promote the area in every way possible, given that the economic crisis is likely to last through 2009.

Author: Steve Schwab