Eaten Alive (1977) Movie Review


Robert Englund plays an extremely disgusting guy named Buck who has a very funny line at the beginning of the movie. When talking to the unlucky prostitute Clara Wood played by Roberta Collins. He says to her, “I’m Buck and I’m ready to f ** k,” to Clara, the hopeful prostitute.
Buck tries to have anal sex with Clara, but she refuses and fights him. She is then thrown out of the brothel by Madam, Miss Hattie, played by Carolyn Jones (Morticia on the old TV series – The Addams Family).
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Clara makes her way to the run-down hotel and meets the local city weirdo, Judd (Neville Brand), who for some reason doesn’t explain in the Eaten Alive movie that he doesn’t like prostitutes. When he realizes she is one, he enters into a violent expense. Judd kills Clara by stabbing her several times with her pitch fork and feeding her to her pet Nile Crocodile.
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Soon afterwards, a couple who have quarreled with each other, Faye (Marilyn Burns) and the disturbed Roy (William Finley), arrive at Judd’s crazy hotel surrounded by a swamp with their young daughter Angie (Kyle Richards).
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I really hate this part of the movie Eaten Alive, because after their daughter’s dog is eaten by Judd’s crocodile, the young daughter almost ruins the movie with her extremely annoying cry. The couple brings Angie into the room they checked into the hotel and tries to calm her down. The couple continue to argue with each other.
Eaten Alive cuts to the stage with Harvey Wood played by Mel Ferrer and his daughter Libby, seeking information on where his other daughter, the now deceased Clara, is. Judd doesn’t offer them any information about Clara’s whereabouts, so they leave his hotel.
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Harvey and Libby drive to the brothel to see if Clara is there. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Roy decides to shoot the crocodile and is then immediately stabbed by Judd with his Scythe and fed to his crocodile.
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Faye puts Angie to sleep and then takes a bath. She is then beaten and tied to the bed by Judd. Little Angie escapes from Judd and hides under the hotel. Harvey Wood and his daughter Libby, along with Sheriff Martin (Stuart Whitman), return to Miss Hattie’s brothel and ask her about Clara. Mrs. Hattie always denies having seen Clara.
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Libby leaves his father Harvey and heads to the local hotspot, the bar with Sheriff Martin. Harvey is then killed by Judd when he returns to the hotel after hearing Angie’s cry. He is then eaten by Jud’s crocodile while Sheriff Martin and Libby are in the local bar.
Buck “The Alpha Male” is also there with his girlfriend and is bullying some other guys. Buck is confronted and kicked out by Sheriff Martin. Buck and his trashy girlfriend go to Judd’s hotel. Buck was already warned not to return there earlier in the movie by Judd. Judd doesn’t like Buck for inexplicable reasons.
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While Buck is in his room with his girlfriend, he hears some crying nearby. Buck investigates and is attacked by Judd. He is pushed into the swamp and eaten by the crocodile. Libby comes back to the hotel and discovers that Faye is bound. She loosens Faye from the bed. Judd opens the gate to the swamp to give his crocodile free access to eat the young girl Angie. Faye and Libby try to leave.
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Judd chases after them and injures Faye with his Scythe. Libby escapes and helps Angie get free and out of the swamp. He struggles to get to Libby and Angie, who are at the top of the fence, who make up the crocodiles for the swamp enclosure. Judd falls down on the crocodile’s side of the cage and eats by his crocodile. The sheriff arrives and the movie ends with some more of Angie’s terribly annoying cry. Jud’s artificial legs show up on the bloody water.

The review
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In general, I thought this movie was very entertaining. I think it should have received the same respect that Tobe Hooper’s previous film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, received. Neville Brand was a riot like Judd. I love the bizarre and funny facial expressions he gets throughout Eaten Alive.
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Neville Brand is a great character actor and with the Eaten Alive movie he is very credible as a local town grower. The scene where he sits on the bed and sloppily sings a tune with these lyrics, “Don’t have any ticket, don’t have any bag”. Simple scenes like these, and as he speaks / exorcises himself, are highlights for him in the movie Eaten Alive.
I also like his surprised reactions when people ask him something, “Oh! Oh!”, He replies. He makes the Eaten Alive movie campy and entertaining with his great ability to get into the character.

Neville Brand then looks lost in his own world and crazy in those scenes and throughout the Eaten Alive movie. Robert Englund is very memorable in this movie and you can see the raw talent he had at the time when he would soon become a Horror and B-Movie icon.
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I don’t recognize actress Roberta Collins who played Clara, but she certainly did an excellent job that seemed genuinely scared and looked very uncomfortable before her character was killed by Judd.
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I own the 2-Disc Special Edition by Eaten Alive, it is restored and remastered somewhat. The Eaten Alive movie is so grainy and the film process so primitive that it comes out on screen and is very dark and without any details.

Due to these harsh conditions that Eaten Alive was filmed under, I doubt it would look much better on Blu-ray every time they release it in that format. The second disc features several features, including interviews with Robert Englund, director Tobe Hooper, and Mariyln Burns, who discuss their experience of filming Eaten Alive.


Traveling and living in Colombia: Pacific Coast whale watching

Traveling and living in Colombia: Visit to the Pacific Coast

If you are considering visiting Colombia in the Pacific, you should know that there are various options that provide opportunities for saltwater fishing, whale watching and beach holidays. Here are three:
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Bahia Solano, a resort in the northern sector of the Pacific Coast. Some major angling tournaments are held annually here. There are nature walks and scuba tours available as well as a number of basic but acceptable hotels. Two large luxury hotels also offer accommodations here. The city has one of the few Pacific Coast airports and the only one in the northern coastal sector. One of Colombia’s largest, most beautiful national parks, Parque Nacional Utria, is only a 20 minute boat ride away. The park, which also includes a generous portion of the coast and Pacific waters, houses one of the largest concentrations of tropical wildlife and marine life in this part of South America outside Brazil. Often, marine scientists gather in the area to study the amazing conglomeration of aquatic life found here.
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Nuqui, a regional county seat is another Pacific coastal city that boasts airport service. There are also a handful of decent hotels offering complete amenities, meals and regional tours. The central Colombian coastal location of Nuqui is handy for watching the migration of humpback whales during the spring. During the late summer to early fall, migrations are reversed as whales with their newborn calves turn south to head to the South Pacific on the coasts of Chile and Antarctica. Guinea pigs, seals and freshwater life abound also as natural thermal baths and protected environmental zones with wildlife that you can get very close and personal with. Just be careful. Yes, they bite. If you have an interest in visiting natives Embera Indian villages, there are a number of these near Nuqui, for which tours or visits can be arranged.

Buenaventura, a sometimes unacceptably dangerous environment, this unabashed, shabby city is the largest on the Pacific coast of Colombia and is driveable from the city of Cali and the central coffee region of the country. There are motor launches to much of the Colombian coast from here and a handful of navigable beaches such as those located in Ladrilleros and Juanchaco. A large military and naval base is also on the bay here. The main market here has an amazing array of not only marinas but edible jungle wildlife too. Armadillo, peccary, three-toed sloth, sea turtle and iguana can be purchased and eaten at food stalls on the second floor of the market. Due to population control and regional rules for harvesting seafood, sometimes creatures that would be illegal to harvest elsewhere and lands are legally harvested and available here.

Travel and live in Colombia

From humpback whale watching to sport fishing and therapeutic thermal baths, you can enjoy a wide range of activities and natural conditions along Colombia in the Pacific. Did I mention that you find the prices a great relief? You want to store more in your wallet because of the region’s economy compared to other places like Panama or Costa Rica. True, there are compromises, and the services available in both of these countries are certainly top-notch, but a visit to the Colombian Pacific coast can be an incredibly comfortable one at affordable prices.

Why not see for yourself?

I did, and I’m still here!


Mexico Packages – An overview of the most popular destinations and your options

Mexico offers a lot of fun for all types of visitors. It is often the very first foreign country many American travelers visit. Whether you want to explore Mayan ruins, lounge on a beach, sightseeing in a big city or go shopping, you can count on finding Mexico packages tailored to your interests.
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With the right travel package, nothing is left to chance. Your events will be secured, from the moment you enter the airport to the moment you arrive home. The country is known for its fantastic all-inclusive resorts located in all the popular tourist spots. You can also take a cruise along the Mexican Riviera.
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It is up to you whether you want to book your flight ticket and your accommodation at once. Some packages include airfare and others not. There are dozens of airports across the United States that offer direct flights to the most popular Mexican destinations. Even if you do not live near an international airport, you may still be able to find a great deal on connecting flights. It is important that you check with a reliable travel price comparison site to see all the prices and look at all the options.
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Where are you going?

Some of the most popular Mexico packages include the following:

• Cancun

• Los Cabos

• Cozumel

• Riviera Maya

• Mazatlan

• Vallarta-Nayarit

• Oaxaca

• Mexico City

• Playa del Carmen

• Guadalajara

• Puerto Vallarta
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This is a versatile selection of places. While the weather is always good and warm in Mexico, not all beaches are. There are heavily populated cities and historical sites with ancient ruins that you can also explore.
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If possible, staying in an all-inclusive resort may be a good idea to trust you ever need, from meals to comfortable, private bathrooms. If you are the type who wants to get out there, you may want to consider booking your car rental together with your flight ticket and hotel stay. The leading discount travel sites give you the opportunity. The minimum number of days that you will have to stay varies depending on the package.
There is no rule that says you have to stick to only one destination when looking over Mexico packages. You might want to consider a Mexican cruise. Some travel routes in the Caribbean include cruises in Mexican cities such as Cozumel. Look over coastal excursion deals for some ideas on fun activities to do while in port. As all-inclusive travel packages, cruises range from three nights to several nights.
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Get discounted Mexico packages online. Promotional codes and coupons will help you get a huge part of your next travel order. There are also must-have tools and apps available to help you find the cheapest flights, hotels, car rental rates and more.


Five exciting panoramic views for ATV riding

Nothing is more exciting when exploring the deepest beauty of nature’s wonders than driving a four-wheeled off-road vehicle through them. This allows you to discover and appreciate what is beyond nature’s perfection with the breathtaking views of the meadows, forests, lakes as well as deserts. Riding on the top of your ATV below are the most exciting trails in the US that you should explore.
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Boulders OHV Trail – Arizona

Professional travelers and beginners alike will be delighted with the smooth and fascinating trails of Boulders OHV in Arizona. The place fascinates you with the hieroglyphic mountains that complement the wonderful desert views. Riders will be pleased with the 200-meter rolling desert trails. The winding and marked paths that sand and gravel have washed through the desert and gangly saguaro cactus are among the best riding experiences this place has to offer.
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Anchorage, Alaska

The stunning views of Anchorage in Alaska can best be explored while driving on top of your ATV. Enjoy the pleasure of discovering its hidden wonders with the background boats with the large panorama of diverse fauna that flourishes in valleys, meadows and ancient mining areas. Passing through this area can make you relax with the refreshing view of the rushing waterfalls and rolling rivers where you can stop to fish for salmon. The beauty of this place never ends here; its bounty is completed with its snow-topped mountains. Your journey will certainly be breathtaking with Alaskan gems of colossal glaciers that depend on the river conditions. Save your camera’s memory enough to capture the impressive treasures of these destinations.
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Bundy Hill – Michigan

If you’re an ATV ride enthusiast, Great Lakes State surprises you with its exciting off road experiences. Get a fully packed off road adventure with mud groves, miles of trail, rocky hills or rolling dunes at Bundy Hill, located in the southern city of Jerome, Michigan. Likewise, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is also an ideal destination for those who love the waterfront. Your ATV riding will definitely be an experience to embark on lush forest with lush pine and cedar trees as well as the eye-catching lake views.

Hatfield McCoy Trails – West Virginia
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Open all year round for adventure and off-road escapade, Hatfield McCoy Trails will offer you the most memorable ATV riding, SXS driving or dirt biking. Experience a spectacular experience with the area’s giant seven-trail system, where a horror of two conflicting families took over. Enjoy one of the world’s largest and expanding trails, consisting of seven, with Pinnacle Creek, Little Coal River, Indian Ridge, Rock House, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow and the newly added Pocahontas. Through this attraction that has increased the blessing of the local economy. Nearby facilities such as gas stations, restaurants and hotels can rest after a full day’s adventure. This place not only provides you with an ideal place for fun and excitement, but also for convenience that truly marks a remarkable experience.

Piaute Trail – Utah

One of the best ways to experience an exciting ATV ride is to visit the Piaute ATV Trail located in Monroe Mountain, Central Utah. This trail consists of a 275 scenic miles of winding loop in southern downtown Utah. For those in search of true adventurous terrain or a smooth riding experience, this place is an ideal destination to be. Riders will be pleased with the beautiful scenic views of the place which will transport them through the large and lush meadows, old calderas, red clipped canyons, the lush and thick spread of Quaking Aspen. Anyone who wanted to experience breathtaking and long terrain experiences will appreciate the Piaute Trail.


Crypto exchange

The Huobi Group, one of the largest encryption trading companies in the world, has announced the launch of a digital currency conversion in Argentina. The new platform is expected to be operational in mid-October.

Hobo moves to Argentina as the country’s economy collapses again. The government recently introduced capital controls to try to halt the sharp devaluation of the Argentine peso. Such measures can make Bitcoin and other digital currencies attractive to people who no longer trust central banks.
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Huobi Execs sees the great potential of cryptography in Argentina
According to an article published today by Reuters, the Huobi group plans to open its cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary in Argentina. The exchange will allow users to deposit local currency, peso and exchange it for bitcoin and other digital assets.

Users were already able to purchase cryptocurrency pesos through the Huobi OTC Exchange Service. However, the introduction of exchange rules will allow Argentinian citizens to acquire digital currencies through various financing methods. This includes credit cards, wire transfers, and digital payment service providers such as Mercadopago, a local service provider.


Arizone Golf Vacations an oasis in the desert

Have you ever had the chance to experience the arid desert landscape that is Arizona? Whether you have or have none of it, this fact may surprise you, there are many Arizona golf vacations available in the state to cater to beginners, hardcore players and everything in between.
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From expensive ritzy high end resorts to Arizona golf schools, there is something for every golfer’s skill level to enjoy. Taking a day off your Arizona golf vacation and spending a day with a pro at one of the golf schools can really drop the beats of your game so you & # 39; will enjoy the rest of your rounds.
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Now, of course, if you are not going on vacation to work hard and practice the game, there are some fantastic resorts you can book for an Arizona golf vacation. You & # 39; You’ll be amazed at the quality of the course they & # 39; re played by pros from around the world, offering as many great amenities as you might think you are at sea on a cruise ship.
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From good quality caddies, good food and room service at the resort, there is nothing that excludes making your Arizona golf vacation entertaining. They have some of the most scenic courses in the US, and are also some of the most playable too. With tons to explore, many courses to play on it, so it is wondering that you will ever leave to go home.
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A quick search of some of the golf vacation sites on the Internet shows hundreds of options to choose from for stays and play packages at some of the best four and five star golf resorts you have ever scene. Not to mention vacations with great prices, what better way to stay at a wonderful hotel at an excellent price, where you can play the game you love all day long.
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Of course, if it’s not an Arizona Golf Vacation that turns your curve, there are several other activities and attractions in the state. In Phoenix, there are many luxury hotels that cater to your every need. While golf for me is the vacation I dream of, it is not for everyone.
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But in a place like Arizona, where all I usually see is the desert, I flee away for an Arizona golf vacation only if for a few days I feel like I’ve found my own personal oasis.


Discover the resorts of Sedona, Arizona

What comes to mind when you think of a vacation in the mountains of Arizona? If you are like most people, you might think that this area consists only of outdoor camping, hiking trails, RV campgrounds or chain hotels. There is much more awaiting you in the quaint town of Sedona, Arizona.
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You can make this unspoilt wonderland one of your holiday destinations and enjoy both the beautiful southwest landscape and the wonderful features of a world-class resort and spa including famous resorts such as Los Abrigados, The Boulders, L & # 39; Auberge and Enchantment.
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These destinations offer luxury suites, private casitas, four-star fine dining, and luxury destination spas such as Mii amo at Enchantment. Instead of being paired in a small room, relax in a luxurious private casita with white glove service available around the clock.
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You will discover four star fine restaurants such as the Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment, the latest fitness facilities and luxurious spas that are elegantly decorated on the premises and the sole aim is to make every guest a memorable and exciting experience.
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The southwest is a land of deceit and intrigue, and the temperate climate and red rock bar setting in Sedona allow you to explore the great outdoors. You can embark on an adventure with the knowledge that you will return to the lap of luxury to relax from your physical activities.
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Spend a day hiking into Boynton Canyon to experience the energy vortex, play tennis on a clay court or golf on one of Sedona’s many championship courses such as the Oak Creek Country Club course. You can return to the city and request any number of treatments and body treatments, including Native American specialty treatments developed from tribal rituals.
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Once you’ve regained your energy and your tired muscles have received the attention they need, you’ll be ready to try the menus on some of Sedona & # 39; s highly-rated restaurants while enjoying a panoramic view of the stunning Sedona red rock formations as an accompaniment to your meal.
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You can dazzle by the multicolored screens at sunset or just enjoy the beauty of the star-studded open sky in the evening. The second worldwide red rock landscape is a perfect backdrop for some of the excellent local cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.
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You will discover an unusual selection of tempting palate choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sedona restaurants go to great lengths to include fresh, organic vegetables and fruits grown locally. One of the best features of these upscale restaurants is that chefs are able to create enchanting decadent dishes that are extremely healthy and good for you to eat.
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Don’t forget to check out the wines and cocktails while you’re there, and try some of the local drinks with exotic names like Painted Desertini, Wild Canyon Wine or Prickly Pear Cocktail. If good food and exquisite starters are one of your true joys in life, Sedona resort restaurants will surely win your favor.


El Tovar Hotel

The El Tovar Hotel is located up to the very edge of the Grand Canyon and the South Rim,
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
The El Tovar Hotel is an architectural marvel that seems to have sprung from the very cliff on which it is situated. This multi-level sprawling building opened in 1905 and follows the natural steps and contours of the canyon’s edge.
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Built of native stone, masonry with large masonry and large Douglas fir trees with a distinctive multi-level roof. A proud wooden tower rises from the upper level to immediately catch your eye on arrival. The visible El Tovar coat of arms as you enter further announces that this is no ordinary historic national park cabin.
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Once called the most deeply constructed and designated log house in America. The exterior of the first floor is covered with beamed cladding that gives the appearance of a huge cabin, while the several balconies, terraces and verandas lend themselves more to a rustic mountain chalet.
The El Tovar Hotel still has most of its rustic character and charm. It has attracted many notable guests over the years to see and explore the vast scenic panorama of one of the world’s largest natural wonders.
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Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William H. Taft, along with Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein, author Zane Gray and Gugliemo Marconi, to name but a few.
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The elegant dining room (which was once President Roosevelt’s favorite hangout during his stay) offers classic and regional choices.
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“Open all year round” El Tovar Hotel has 78 comfortable rooms or suites with settings room.
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Rooms are available in standard, deluxe or suite with double, queen and king size variations, all with air conditioning, cable TV and full bathroom facilities.
A stay in this majestic lodge gives you a lifetime of memories and a longing to return. The spectacular views and the glorious sunrise and sunsets were enough for me.
“Reservations” should be made up to one year in advance for the best room choices … for reservations, call Xanterra Parks & Resorts # 888-297-2757


Chandler, Arizona – A GREAT place to stay

Are You Interested in Buying a Home in Chandler, Arizona? Discover the many wonderful places to live, work and play in this lively city. No longer just a sleepy farm community, Chandler is a shining example of a 21st-century city in the desert southwest.
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When searching for new homes in Chandler, you can probably continue to see certain names emerge. Sun Lakes. Ocotillo. Morrison Ranch. Fulton Ranch. Chandler is home to many new home communities because of its rapid growth and thriving economy. When the San Tan Freeway was completed in 2006, many large employers moved to Chandler and many who were already here expanded operations. Intel, Microchip Technology, PayPal, Wells Fargo, Verizon Wireless, to name a few, are some of Chandler’s business citizens. As the business climate continued to thrive, the cotton fields and pasture area of ​​southern Chandler gave way to destination centers, hotels, restaurants and lots of housing. Builders such as Fulton Homes, Toll Brothers and Pulte made their mark on the landscape with spacious modern homes in beautiful communities. Many older historic neighborhoods are experiencing rebirth as homes are remodeled and modernized.

Chandler schools consistently meet or exceed state and national averages; several charter schools and academies also provide first class education. Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers a variety of classes and programs, and private institutions such as Western International University and Ottawa University also have branches in the city.

There is no shortage of things to do in Chandler. In the center of the square you will find unique shopping, dining and entertainment; there is almost always a festival, farmers market, art show or other affair to enjoy in AJ Chandler Park. Take a break and enjoy a craft beer or glass of Arizona wine. Visit the Chandler Center for the Arts and get a national act. Head to Vision Gallery or Uptown Art for more eclectic taste. Downtown is also home to the beautiful, historic Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort, Arizona & # 39; s first golf course.

Speaking of golf, Chandler is a linksman’s paradise. Courses drive the excitement from executive to championship; you can visit carriageways and golf academies and fill up with the latest equipment in the PGA Superstore!

Looking for other outdoor fun? Tumbleweed Regional Park boasts a rec center, sports and picnic areas as well as Playtopia – a playground paradise based on Chandler’s heritage. A perennial favorite is the ever-growing Arizona Railway Museum, where you can explore a large collection of classic rail cars and equipment. Skate park, BMX park, dog parks, equestrian centers and aquatic centers; Chandler has it all!

For indoor, air-conditioned fun, the Chandler Fashion Center is an exclusive regional shopping powerhouse! Enjoy the wide range of dining options from quick to casual to elegant. There are shows, movies, nightlife, shops and services galore and special events almost every weekend. Another popular destination is The Ice Den, which is a favorite for skaters of all ages and a great way to stay cool all year long.

This just a little sampling of the amazing features this amazing city has to offer. Chandler is consistently recognized for its responsible and sustainable growth and a quality of life that cannot be matched in the valley. This is just another reason why so many families choose to live in Chandler.

Honeymoon in India

Honeymoon is the first holiday the couple spends together and everyone likes to make this wonderful time, the most memorable. The charm of the honeymoon right after marriage is truly amazing. It is the way to take the first step in married life's journey.

The choice of honeymoon destination is an important issue. We have different options, but which one would be chosen is always a very confusing subject. India is always on the top list of honeymoon, whether they are residents of India or foreigner. India is the best place to spend these wonderful days and make time memorable. We have very beautiful places, places, rivers, beaches, deserts, etc. to see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Some of the famous honeymoon destinations in India are –

Goa – Golden beaches surrounded by palm trees, surrounded by green hills can be a dream destination for couples to start the journey from there. It is often known as "Honeymoon Paradise".

Srinagar – Kashmir is heaven on this earth. Here the climate is pleasant and we can have views of scenic scenery, lush valleys and many more. Dal Lake is ideal for a passionate cruise on shikaras for honeymoon couples.

Jaipur – Beautiful landscaped gardens and parks, wonderful heritage hotels and their royal treatment will really make your honeymoon the most memorable lifetime result. It is the best place for someone who believes in history and really wants to see ancient monuments.

Ooty – Ooty is the perfect honeymoon destination for you if you love the tranquility of nature and the creation songs. Here in Ooty, every time you could feel the hint of romance.

Kullu Manali – Kullu Manali is a peaceful place to relax and unwind. No doubt a magic is spreading before your eyes that catches you in its magic.

Shimla – Shimla can offer you a joyful experience that goes according to the itinerary. Here, couples can have fun and enjoy adventure sports and take a visit down the ski run to Kufri, which is one of the best skiing available in India.

Don't have money to travel? – Look at your options

There are financial ways to travel, you just have to find them. Your first tool is the INTERNET, we live in a world of information, use Facebook or MySpace to find someone from the country you are interested in and then ask questions.

There are offers everywhere in lodging, flights and even food. Short trip? First and foremost is your luggage, do not check anyone! If you can’t live off a hand luggage and a book bag for a week or two, then don’t forget to miss the New York fashion show, they have them 4 times a year. You can wear your fancy heels (ladies) or your frozen gook hair there (men – okay, I just really wanted to use gook in a blog post since I saw the Jersey Shore lol).

If you are going on a long trip for 2.5 weeks or more, check out a bag. Make sure it's international so they don't charge you an arm, a leg and your kids to take it with you. Always try to travel in a large group of friends, things always come out much cheaper and you will have more fun (3 or more people). Of course, the group may get too big, 7 or 8 will start pushing it.


Short trips: sleep surfing, hostels, rent your own apartment, NO HOTELS

Long trips: hostels, rent your own apartment, NO HOTELS

Sofa Surfing is exactly how it sounds. You stay with someone from the host country and sleep on their couch. I was lucky enough to have my own room, bed and internet the first time I couch surfed. This is more aimed at young professionals, college students, and shorter trips. (I also didn't think until a female friend told me that her couch surfed all over the Middle East without any problems, very legit). Hostels are cheap and convenient.

The only downside is that you really have no privacy, most of the time you share a bathroom and a room and you have to pay extra for your own room and bathroom. Renting an apartment is my choice of accommodation: you get your own room, your own bathroom, and if you share an apartment with a group of friends, it comes out cheaper than a hostel! The biggest thing of all is that you get your own kitchen which leads me to my next topic. FOOD! Yay !!!!

Of course everyone wants to experience local dishes and snacks, I have been very lucky to try such exotic dishes around the world. I have tried whales in Iceland, the best steak in the world in Buenos Aires, treats from the hot dog cart in the Dominican Republic and a fresh mango shake in Costa Rica. You can save significant money by not eating out every day and buying food at the local market like sandwiches and fruit (and … push yourself … cooking, even if it's cereal and mac-n-cheese).

And last but not least, airline ticket, everyone knows the online sites to find a cheap airline ticket, however there are small tricks you can use to maximize your potential. Consider the country where you need to go and normal tourist patterns. Everyone tries to visit Europe in the summer, try to fly in the early spring or late fall. Brazil or South America, remember that their seasons are opposite ours (our winter is their summer), many tourists will travel there in the US winter. Always remember that everyone will fly on the weekends, who will fly midweek? YOU PROVIDE IT'S CHEAP !!

Airfare: Short Trips: Use a different combination of airlines and routes to find the cheapest fare you don't check bags so you can move quickly.

Long trips: Try the airlines from the country you are going to (example: Colombia: Avianca Airlines, Argentina: Aeolineas Argentinas) Otherwise, an airline flies and collects miles.

Miscellaneous: Don't forget to use low cost airlines around the world (example: Europe: Ryanair and Airlenguis)

See you on the other side

What is hospitality interior design and who uses it?

In the hospitality industry, interior design performs a similar function. The decor of a lobby or room beyond the color scheme, lighting and furniture choices greatly influence how a guest feels and how they look at their surroundings.

Hospitality interior design covers a variety of venues. It is used in restaurants, hotels, even in retail stores. Every design aspect from the floor plan to the color of the walls and furniture style makes a difference in affecting a particular tone or atmosphere. Depending on the tone a business wants to set, an interior designer may choose a bright, vibrant color pattern paired with modern furniture and innovative decorative accents, or he may choose a subtle, more muted color palette paired with plush furniture and simple wall decorations. inspire feelings of calm and comfort.

Lighting and color palette go hand in hand when it comes to furnishing hospitality. Most interior designers have been trained to know what types of lighting to pair with bright color schemes versus those that are more subtle. The lighting of a venue can also be influenced by furniture choices and the actual architecture of a building. Rooms with vaulted ceilings may require wall fixtures that direct the light upwards, while smaller rooms may need headlights or corner lamps. Not only does the type and location of lighting affect the atmosphere of a room or building, but the degree of lighting is also important. A soft glow is more relaxing, while light or colored lighting inspires feelings of excitement and energy.

In addition to lighting and color palette, several more factors come into the area of ​​hospitality interior design. The type of furniture chosen dictates whether a room is intended to be more decorative or functional, and the decoration of said furniture also plays a role in establishing atmosphere. An open floor plan, where the furniture is sparsely placed, evokes an airy, free atmosphere, while small groupings of furniture may encourage feelings of intimacy. When considering different styles of hospitality interior design there are myriad factors to consider, but the most important decision to make is what kind of atmosphere should be affected. A good interior designer will be able to bring all aspects of hospitality to interior design together to create a cohesive feel that subscribes to a particular tone or atmosphere.

7 stunning hidden beaches in Bali that you need to know

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali is best known for its fantastic beaches. Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua and Sanur are the popular names that you may already know. But have you ever thought that aside from these famous names, Bali still has other beautiful beaches? The beaches that are far away from the city, hidden among high cliffs and surrounded by forest.

You may need more time and effort to reach these hidden beaches, but your hard work will certainly be paid off when you reach them. The hidden beaches are definitely worth a try.

First Perasi beach

This beach is also known as "Virgin Beach" or "Pantai Pasir Putih". It is located in the Karangasem regency of eastern Bali. If you like a quiet, beautiful beach, Perasi Beach is the right choice.

There is no hotel or villa near the beach, so you must book a hotel in Denpasar or Karangasem. However, you can find many food stalls around the coast. You can enjoy walking the coast while eating some snacks and drinks. There is also chair and canopy rentals if you want to lie down all day while watching the beach panorama.

Perasi beach is about four and a half kilometers away from Candi Dasa. If you start your journey from Denpasar, you will need about an hour and a half to reach Candi Dasa. From here, just follow the signpost from Candidasa's main roads in Bugbug to Perasi Village and turn onto a slightly broken road over Pura Desa Bale Agung. This broken road brings you to the beach.

The beach sign may use several names such as "White Sand Beach", "Pasir Putih", "Pantai Perasi" or "Virgin Beach". From here you can walk down the hill approx. one kilometer. This road leads you to the beach where a parking area is available. There are many palm trees nearby so you will feel cool and fresh.

2nd Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located near Uluwatu, one of the most popular destinations in Bali. This beach is preferred by many surfers because of its wonderful high waves.

Unlike Perasi Beach, you can stay at Guest House in Balangan or in some cottages near the beach.

Third Green Bowl Beach

This beach is located in southern Bali and quite difficult to reach its location. You can walk to this Green Bowl Beach through the untapped resort of Bali Cliff. Then there are a hundred steps of stairs to go down and also a bat to pass. However, all your exhaustion in reaching this place is paid directly when you reach it. The tranquility along with the stunning views is like a sky. Its large waves become another point for any professional surfer to visit. Green Bowl Beach is truly hidden beach with a magnificent natural beauty.

4th Amed Beach

The name "Amed" actually refers to a fishing village located in eastern Bali. This place has the best spot to watch sunrise as well as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Attractive coastal villages are scattered along the coast with Mount Agung as the backdrop. You can reach Amed after driving about two hours from southern Bali through Karangasem and Klungkung. The beach is also the best choice for anyone who likes to visit other popular local attractions such as Tirta Gangga Water Palace and Pura Goa Lawah.

5th Dream Beach

Dream Beach is located in Nusa Lembongan, a small island on the eastern side of Bali. You need about thirty minutes boat ride from Sanur or Benoa Harbor.

With its fascinating white sands on southern Nusa Lembongan, Dream Beach is a sight to behold. Rows of palm trees and wild bushes around the beach add more interesting points to this beach. All this beauty supported by cheap hotels and local cafes.

6th Finn Beach

Finn Beach is a kind of beach suitable for family recreation. This is the right place to enjoy the sunlight and the lovely beach panorama. To reach this beach you can use the road to Pantai Selatan Gau in Ungasan area and follow the Finns & # 39; signs.

The best moment of the trip to this beach is when you ride the cable lift flanked by two steep cliffs on the right and left. The entrance fee may be more expensive than the other beaches, but it includes tempting delicious food from the Finns. So the price is really worth it.

7th Balian Beach

Volcanic black sand with high wave is a special feature of the western Bali beach. It will definitely make any surfers fall in love. The atmosphere around is different from the other Bali beaches. It has rod-binding vibes.

There are cheap homes near Balian so you do not have to worry about your budget when visiting this beach. You will need approximately two hours drive from Seminyak (depends on traffic) to reach Balian Beach. As the road to this beach also becomes the road to Gilimanuk Harbor, you need to be more careful and patient with trucks or buses traveling towards Java Island.

Planning your dream vacation to Sri Lanka?

While taking a break in your office, you suddenly dream of white sandy beaches, exotic foods and scuba diving. As busy as you are, you might be thinking about booking your dream vacation to Sri Lanka without all the hassle and hassle. The fact is that planning your trip is not as difficult as it may seem.

With online reservations made available to people who are too busy visiting a travel agency just to book a vacation, planning a vacation is as easy as 1-2-3. Searching for the perfect place in Sri Lanka is easy and finding one will only take you an hour to finish. Of course, this includes only the finest homes that the country has to offer.

Online reservation

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Be it in the cities or in the white sandy beaches of Sri Lanka, you are sure to have access to easy online booking systems for your perfect holiday getaway. When booking, you are guaranteed the best accommodation and services at almost every available hotel – this is because people in Sri Lanka are hospitable, respectful and generous. This is also the reason why tourists still return.

How much does it cost me?

Let’s admit it, people only want the best. And with the best, you can always expect the high-end price to come with it. In Sri Lanka, you only get the best places to visit, the best food and the best people – but all at an affordable price. In fact, a meal may not even cost you more than 20USD. That said, you can expect a luxurious vacation without having to spend a large sum of money. Beach resorts in Sri Lanka are also a great deal. This is because the services offered at Sri Lanka resorts are on a par with far more expensive in other countries. To put it simply, you get the same comfort and luxury without spending too much.

What makes Sri Lanka a great place is its discreet charm and natural beauty. Among these are its exotic cultures, rich history and amazing beaches. Sri Lanka is a great place for people who want to be pampered and pampered with the assurance that they are safe while having fun with friends or family. Tourists generally want complete control over every aspect of their holiday and those who have visited Sri Lanka go home satisfied and satisfied.

Chill-Out this summer with Hill Stations of the Himalayas

This time of year is perhaps the best one to travel, better than cool November-December, at least I think so, and the reason for this is that we are returning to attend more at this time. Why? Well, temperature affects every single component of the human body by its effects on the rate of ATP hydrolysis and / or resynthesis. So, at cold muscle temperatures, reduced efficacy is expected from humans in humans. It is scientific. Now let's take it simple. We hardly want to get off the carpet in winters and do nothing but watch the things around us. So for sightseeing it is ok. But when it comes to exploring nature and adventure, you will certainly think twice or thrice.

Now the summer is extreme and the sun is burning outside. Nothing seems better than planning a trip to a cool destination for an exciting outing to nature. And hill stations in the Himalayas are just the right destinations for this purpose. Away from the madness of metropolitan life, it allows you to explore the wonders of nature and the simplicity of mountain villages. These places are extremely beautiful and enriched with sunny weather and this is exactly what you need for a summer retreat. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to & # 39; Where to go & # 39; Here are just a few names that give tourists a great value on summer holidays.

Nainital: This lovely hill station is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges in the Indian state of Uttaranchal. Come here to explore an ideal blend of unplugged fun, breathtaking scenery and matchless serenity. Lakes are the main highlights of Nainital, offering panoramic views along with a number of exciting activities to explore. However, a number of other attractions and throbbing adventures such as hiking give visitors a pleasure. Popular places of interest in Nainital are Lake Naini, Lake Bhimtal, Naini Devi Temple, St. John Church, Snow View Point and Naina Summit. A range of Nainital hotels provide travelers with full comfort according to their needs and budget.

Manali: If your idea of ​​a perfect escape is to admire the natural beauty under healthy climatic conditions, Manali is the right answer for you. Sky-kissing peaks, lush green forests, thrilling rivers and magnificent waterfalls in / around Manali leave the visitor enchanted. However, a Manali trip is not limited to simply admiring the scenery and you can try various exciting things including hiking, rafting, camping and backstage while in Manali. Moreover, lively markets filled with traditional artifacts, woolen clothes, hammocks and aromas of delicious food are simply worth exploring.

Shimla: Shimla, which is a perfect blend of historic splendor and natural touches, has been a favorite hangout for the summer holidays. Shimla, a popular hilltop location in Northern India, boasts an amazing cluster of tourist attractions to please almost any mood. Surrounding Himalayan peaks and thick green forest, classic colonial buildings, delicious food and shopping and a range of modern entertainment ensure travelers a complete holiday experience. Cultural extravaganza and environment of pollution and crazy, yet interesting activities will leave you awful.

Mussoorie: Admire the peaceful scenery of beauty, indulge in exciting adventure sports and discover interesting cultures and cuisines on a trip to Mussoorie. A beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie attracts backpackers from all over the country. This picturesque town boasts stunning tourist facilities to keep visitors at maximum possible amenities. Book your room in one of the luxurious Mussoorie hotels if you want to enjoy a stay in true lap with nature and opulence.